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“Kim has changed my life. I am a busy, traveling executive with three school-aged kids, two dogs and a husband. I cannot pull it together ever in time to look the way I want to look and make sure my family is out the door on time. I contacted Kim when I was up for a promotion because I just couldn’t take it anymore. I’m professional and good at what I do, why do I let myself look like this? She whipped me, my wardrobe and my closet into shape in less than 2 weeks. I now have many go to outfits that are interchangeable, looking like something new all the time, I got my promotion, and I have been a different woman in all aspects of my life ever since. She is simply my savior. The best money spent and best phone call ever made.” – Jillian


Save & Splurge: Accessories

Save & Splurge: Accessories

Now that you have your clothing essentials sorted out, it’s time to fill your closet with must have accessories that will last you throughout the years. Here is my advice on which accessories to make an investment on and which to save on without having anyone... read more
Save & Splurge: Apparel

Save & Splurge: Apparel

Whenever we go through a wardrobe makeover, the same question always arises: what do we splurge and what do we save on? The answer is simple: everyone is different! We all use different items more than others, and vice versa but there are classic staples that every... read more