4 Simple Steps To Help You Find Your Personal Style!

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Defining one’s personal style is typically not a one-word answer. It’s also not easy for most to truly identify what their style is or what they want their style to say about them. Personal Style can’t be found on Instagram or in magazines, or from a checklist of what you should have from the season’s trends list. To truly identify your style and create it, follow these tips for an elevated, but simplistic approach.

Choose Your Style Words

This is the number one thing you need to do now. I’ve always said to pick 2-3 style adjectives, but by picking 3 you will break it down even further, gaining much more clarity on your personal style. How do you want to see yourself and be seen by others?

Adjective examples for using the 3 word rule would be; classic, modern, with a twist: feminine, elegant, chic: edgy, casual, fun: sporty, minimalist, casual: artsy, modern, chic. Once you land on your words the process gets easier.

STYLIST TIP: If you aren’t sure here are some ideas to getting started; make a mood board on Pinterest or the like, follow people whose style you admire on IG or Tik Tok, or simply think of your friends’ style that inspire you and write down the why and what of their outfits. I promise your words and style vision will come together.

Find Your Personal Style

Understand Your Body Shape

To shop and curate a wardrobe, it’s important to understand our body shape and what flatters it. Body shape doesn’t preclude you from your individual style but knowing it will enhance your style. There are no hard fast rules to body shape dressing, but when you do the homework, it does make shopping a whole lot easier. A professional stylist will always push you out of your comfort zone a bit to show you how you can wear almost anything you like with the right tailoring, styling, and accessories, but that takes a lot of work. Keeping it simple with a few “body shape guidelines” I promise will help you in the process to honing your style.

Find Your Personal Style

Consider Your Lifestyle and Budget

While neither of these preclude you from your style, they are critical while doing your closet edit and shopping. You must think about where you go and what you do on a regular basis. The biggest challenge in the mornings is what to wear. Take this hassle out of the equation. If your lifestyle is WFH, or stay at home mom, or both, then your clothes should reflect this. If you work in an office, and maybe travel a lot for work, you need pieces that mix and match and travel well. If your day to night personal style changes then you should have a wardrobe that represents both.

Budget is a big word but once you move onto shopping you must consider where you shop and what you are willing to budget for the pieces on your wish list. The more you narrow this down the easier it will be to shop and curate the wardrobe you truly want!

Find Your Personal Style

What Makes You Happy

What do you wear that you love? What do you put on that’s easy for you to style and pair back to create different outfit options? Take note of these pieces as that will help when you are ready to shop, and discard the pieces that don’t fit your words, your body, or your lifestyle anymore!

It’s a scientific fact that when we wear things that bring us happiness and we feel great in, that sets the tone for the rest of our day. The same way color effects our moods.

Find Your Personal Style

All the above will help you identify your true style, allow you to edit your wardrobe and give you the permission to shop for new pieces with intention. It’s a simple, pragmatic approach that works. In the end you should have a true sense of your personal style, a closet that reflects your style, and a whole lot of happiness 🙂

If you would like my help, I offer closet edits and personal styling both virtually and in-person, along with different comprehensive packages.

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