6 or 12 Month Total Transformation

6 or 12 Month Total Transformation Packages:

These are the crème de la crème of packages. To truly do a personal style and wardrobe makeover it takes time. Not only time but the willingness to understand that we evolve as people, therefore our style and wardrobe need to do the same. It’s continuous, as it should be. But with the right help, guidance, and tools it’s a much more pleasurable, effortless journey knowing you have the continued support of your very own personal stylist to assist you. If you long for the help to looking and feeling your very best every day, for every occasion, every event, every trip, every boardroom meeting, or speaking engagement, then this may be for you. This package will give you back all that time, money, and frustration spent shopping to still not have a cohesive working wardrobe, and end the paralysis of walking into your closet and wondering what to wear! Imagine having a Personal Style Coach at your fingertips for a year! 

$7000 – $12,000