60-Day Transformation

The 60-Day Transformation is a unique program crafted just for you. This journey is all about refining your style. Over two months, we’ll work together to tidy up your closet, shop for pieces that you love, and discover the looks that make you feel fantastic. From understanding your body shape to finding your color palette, every step is personalized. With ongoing support and a clear plan, dressing up will become a joy, not a chore. Your journey to an effortless wardrobe starts here!

Inside this Program:

  • Full Closet Edit: We’ll go through your wardrobe together, keeping the pieces you love and letting go of what no longer serves you.
  • Personalized Shopping Session: A shopping trip focused on finding beautiful pieces that you’ll love wearing, all while staying true to your style.
  • Digital Style Board Creation: A visual guide to help you mix and match your clothing, making getting ready a breeze.
  • Comprehensive Styling Session: We’ll explore different outfits and looks, finding what makes you feel confident.
  • Stylist On-Call: You have a direct line to me for 60 days, ensuring you always have a helping hand on your style journey.

The Transformation:

  • Personal Style Discovery: We’ll explore and refine your personal style, making sure your wardrobe reflects the real you.
  • Body Shape Mastery: Learn how to dress for your body type, finding the silhouettes that flatter you the most.
  • Personal Color Palette: Discover the colors that make you shine and how to incorporate them into your wardrobe.
  • Wardrobe Cohesion: Create a wardrobe that works together, offering you many outfit options for every occasion.
  • Authentic Self-Expression: Your clothes will become an extension of your personality, showcasing your unique style.
  • Effortless Style: Understand how to put outfits together that make you look and feel effortlessly stylish.

Post-transformation, you will step into each day feeling happy, confident, stylish, and empowered.

Begin your transformation today for $2,800