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If you’re spending your summer with more outdoor and active adventures, you can still dress in style for all of your activities. Whether you’re climbing mountains, riding horses, or enjoying the great outdoors there’s always an outfit for every occasion.

For those of you relaxing on a ranch, there are plenty of options for laid back style. A great jean skirt and casual tee or country inspired top is a great look for relaxing in your country home. It’s a simple look that can be made easily trendy with a hint of flare.


Pairing suede neutral shorts with a jean jacket is also a great look for the outdoors. Combining the best of both trends that you wouldn’t think to put together works wonders for your country style.

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White jeans are also great for the classic ranch look paired with cowboy boots and western-esque top. The wild west has made its way into fashion this season with plenty of boho inspired pieces.

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Denim dresses are also a great look if you want to wander outside on the ranch or through the woods if you’re vacationing in the mountains.

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Accessories are also a must if you want to sport the country style in full force. You can find plenty of mid-western inspired halts, belts, and scarfs in plenty of stores you already shop at like Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, or even Nordstrom to complete your look. also has lots of accessories for a full fledged country style.

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If you’re in Colorado, North Carolina, or somewhere of those sorts, you’ll definitely want to go hiking to enjoy the summer scenery. Don’t get lazy with your workout clothes! There is so much trendy active wear these days, it’s so easy to dress to impress while on-the-go.

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