Beach Wedding Attire

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With summer officially here, it’s time to start thinking about all things sun, beaches, and weddings. And when you can combine all three, you know that you’re gearing up for a wedding that is certain to be a stunner. But what happens when you get invited to a wedding and literally have no clue what to wear? The good news is that preparing beach wedding attire for guests doesn’t have to be overly complicated.

Are beach weddings formal or casual? 

More time than not, a beach wedding will be casual or semi-casual, of course depending on location and your hosts. Suits, heavy long dresses, very short dresses, heels, fabrics such as silks and satins aren’t great options during the summer heat, ocean breezes, and SAND! Instead, brides usually opt for a lighter dress that is not so formal, and expect the same of their guests, too.

What does beach formal mean for a wedding?

If you get a wedding invitation with this type of wording on it, it means that you’re going to be looking at a hybrid of fancy but with outfits and shoes that make sense for the beach. Beach formal isn’t the same definition as an indoor formal wedding and shouldn’t be treated that way.

If you’ve recently been invited to a casual beach wedding or a more formal beach wedding and are looking for tips on what to wear, remember these simple rules to help you dress to impress. (You can also use these same tips as a guideline for dressing semi-formal indoors, too!)

Tips for Knowing How to Dress At a Beach Wedding

These easy fashion tips can have you ready for a wedding in no time at all.

Know your style

First and foremost, know your style. While attending a wedding at the beach, dress in a way that is comfortable yet dressy. You’re going to want shoes that you can stand in but not have to stress out about sand. This means that high heels are typically out as are a majority of pumps and other shoes such as that. Opt for flats if you are wearing a dress that would pair nicely, wedges are usually a great option, or platforms can sometimes be worn as well. Some casual beach weddings will even hand out flip flops to the women for the ceremony on the sand.

Remember the outside heat

This is important! You need to dress for the weather that you’re going to be dealing with on the beach. This is where sleeveless dresses or lighter fabric dresses really do come into play. Also, consider ocean breezes that aren’t necessarily a friend to very short flouncy dresses.

Pay attention to the colors of your outfit

Don’t forget that darker colors are going to be hotter and will absorb the sun. Lighter colors are going to be a much cooler and more comfortable choice for you to wear during the wedding. I also love playing with florals and prints for casual beach weddings and more formal weddings alike. Try lighter weight prints that work with the setting of the location, and dress silhouettes that are airy and drapey vs body con style which will look a bit out of place and tend to be hotter against the skin.

Jewelry will add to your more casual attire, so have fun here.

A simple dress can be transformed if you pair it with great accessories. Just pack some of your favorites to add to your beach look.

As you can see, beach wedding attire is simple and easy to put together while still looking like you’re ready to celebrate a big event. It’s also fun to shop for beach wedding attire as the dresses can be worn several times over, unlike the more traditional formal wedding guest dresses.

Now that you have these simple tips on what to wear to a casual beach wedding or a more formal beach wedding, you can spend your time finding the perfect look to help the bride and groom celebrate their big day!




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