Become a Wise Shopper: How To Easily Make Better Purchases

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Last week’s blog post talked about the reasons we sometimes overspend, and sale shopping overwhelm. This week we are getting more clarity on how to be a much wiser shopper by purchasing only pieces that truly make sense for you!

Ask yourself these 5 questions before purchasing anything, no matter the cost.

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Make a Purchase

5 Questions To Ask Before You Purchase:



Is it your style?

Simply put, if you are looking to create a working, cohesive wardrobe that you love, you must have pieces that reflect your personal style. Is it what you want to wear and will feel happy wearing it? If yes, then read on.

Will it fit your body shape?

Is it the right silhouette, fabric, and color for you? If not move on. Example: I love short dresses, but I don’t like the way they look on me, so I never, ever look at these in the stores unless it’s for my clients. If you’re not sure what your body shape is or what pieces work best for your shape, click here to download my free body shape guide!



Does it fit into your clothing budget?

If your budget is more the Gap, why would you shop at Neiman Marcus. Don’t tempt yourself by shopping in designers stores or designer brands if that is not your reality. You can window shop all day long and use these styles as inspiration, but remember, money does not buy taste or style. You can have incredible style at any price point!!

Consider whether the piece will help you create many outfit options, like a great blazer, dress, or pant. If you can find utility in the piece and love it, it may be worth splurging on it. Does it make an impact on your current wardrobe or not?


Quality over Quantity:

If you are reading my blog, chances are you are in your 30’s at least. This is how you should start to approach shopping now. Yes, it’s nice to get your favorite tanks, undies, socks, and maybe even your white tees in bulk, but that should not apply to your overall wardrobe. Investment pieces are meant to be better quality, classic silhouettes, or statement pieces that you love and know you will wear forever because they reflect your individual style!

As a test, think of what you have gotten rid of in past closet cleanses. My guess, it’s mostly fast fashion, inexpensive, trend pieces. This doesn’t mean there isn’t a place in your wardrobe for a few fun trend pieces from H+M and Zara, I love both stores for different things, but it shouldn’t make up most of your wardrobe. The classics, if bought well, can last you a lifetime.

kr personal style
kr personal style


What is your lifestyle, and will this piece fit into it?

If your closet is filled with pieces you wore in your 20’s and 30’s but you are now mid 40‘s with kids, or mid 50’s and empty nesting, retiring, traveling, etc. Why are you holding on to those pieces?

Write down your daily activities and really be clear with what you wear now and what you would like to wear for these activities? We must dress for our reality, not a dream life, or what if’s. Create a wardrobe you love that works for your lifestyle now, knowing that as your lifestyle changes so will some of your wardrobe.


Trust your Gut:

Last question to ask is will you be happy wearing it?

Use your instinct. Are you trying too hard to like it, or trying too hard to figure out how to style it? If so, you should put it down. Rule of thumb for me is, if I’m unsure for whatever reason, I may put it on hold, or let it go and if I’m still thinking about it the next day I usually go back and get it. My gut instinct is usually right though, and when I make mistakes, I remember that it was a piece I was struggling with initially, it happens to all of us.


If you’re interested in hiring a personal stylist, I would love to get on a call with you! You can schedule your complimentary consult call here.


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