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I recently did a branding photo shoot and filmed a quick “what it’s like to work with me” video! I often get questions about what a personal stylist does, the process, and the cost. While some think it’s a luxury only for celebrities or the wealthy, that’s not true. Most personal stylists work with people like you – busy men and women with jobs, families, travel, and endless responsibilities. We are all overscheduled and overworked that it’s almost impossible to find time for ourselves let alone really invest in ourselves.

Personal Stylist

This is the reality for all of my clients. Some love shopping but find their closets full of nothing to wear. Not because their closet isn’t full, it just isn’t full of the right pieces for them, or they don’t have the right accessories to pull together a whole outfit. I have clients who travel for work and have small children at home therefore have 0 time to invest any time or energy into dressing themselves well, yet they want to look polished and stylish. I even work with clients building their dream travel wardrobes or clients with multiple homes needing outfits for different climates. And of course, some people simply hate shopping and want help figuring out what to wear! If any of this sounds familiar, you’re definitely not alone. A cohesive, stylish wardrobe that reflects YOU takes time; it’s a process.

Making the call for help is the hardest thing to do. Although we live in a world where we have people help us do our jobs, help raise our families, help take care of our homes and so on. So why is it so hard to ask for help when it comes to your style? People make their first impression of you before you open your mouth, sad but true. We have to wear clothes every day, and repeating the same outfits isn’t always an option. Your style matters! To me, looking good is a powerful form of self-care. Want to nail that job interview? Ditch the Zoom pajamas. Want to feel like the most confident person in the room? It starts with your clothes.

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Here are just a few benefits of what it’s like working with me and what I promise you it will not be.

Benefits of Working With Me:

  • Free up your time: Save tons of time and energy scouring racks or websites and doing returns, to still not have anything to wear. Finally enjoy weekends or free days doing something you love with the people you really want to be with.
  • Save money: Save tons of money on only buying clothes you love wearing.
  • Understand your style: Finally understand your body shape and proportions, what styles and brands are best for you, and develop your personal style.
  • Never stress about what to wear: Always have something to wear and know how to style it!
  • Ongoing support: Have continued support for last minute outfits, which shoes and bags to buy for the season, what jewelry to wear or invest in, what to pack for the weekend…etc., you get the idea.
  • Feel your best: Most importantly, feel confident and stylish in your clothes again and start saying yes to all those invitations!

What I don’t do:

  • Judge you: My approach is supportive and empowering, never critical.
  • Force expensive brands: Great style fits your budget and lifestyle. I work only within your budget and comfort zone.
  • Force my own taste: Style is personal. It’s about YOUR personal expression.
  • Leave you confused: I have only done my job if you are happy getting dressed, and can do it on your own.
  • Betray your trust: Like a therapist, all is confidential!

This video will give you a very quick glimpse of what to expect before and during our time together, but there are so many more services and package options available. You can click here to see all services and please follow me on Instagram where I share almost daily fashion advice, tips, styling hacks, etc. And last but not least thank you for continuing to read my newsletters! I’d love for you to forward to any of your friends or family that may be interested in taking their style back, or just want to know about seasonal fashion trends.

Thank you so much for being here and if you’d like to see what it’s really like to start the process, please schedule your 30-minute complimentary call here, to see if we may be a good style fit! Never any pressure, but I would be honored to work with you!

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