European Vacation Necessities

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Now that summer is in full wing, we’re all traveling across the globe to different exciting locations! This week I want to focus on your european getaway and everything you’ll need to travel in style. I’ve got you covered with all the necessities you’ll need to wine, dine, sightsee, and more. Who said you can’t pack light and fashionable all at the same time?!

First thing’s first…you’ll need a great neutral and comfortable sneaker to walk around in all day. When you’re sightseeing from dawn till dusk the last thing you want is to be in uncomfortable shoes. You can try an elevated shoe that will give you a little height and chic finish to your outfit or a cute yet practical classic that your feet will thank you for at the end of the day. No matter which style sneaker you choose, make sure you pick a neutral color that will go with any outfit you pair it with!

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It’s also a great idea to pack a neutral espadrille for your more leisurely days spent lunching or relaxing by the sunset.

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In addition to a great pair of shoes, you’ll also need a great pair of sunglasses to tie your look together. A sleek pair of shades can make a simple outfit infinitely cooler. This season is all about the sunglasses trend so get adventurous with your choice and pick a fun style that suits your taste and frames your face well!

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A great sun hat can also pull a simple outfit together as the final finishing touch. Just wearing jeans and a white top paired with the right glasses and hat can make a classic outfit immediately trendy.

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The last accessory you’ll need for a practical but stylish look is a fabulous bag that is light yet can  hold everything you’ll need. A great satchel or shoulder bag is a good idea for days you’ll spend wandering around town – a wallet purse is also a great idea if you plan on traveling light. For the days when you’ll be out all day and might have to pack a little heavier, try a mini backpack to travel around with. There are so many adorable styles now that are fashion forward but also practical for keeping all of your necessities close by.


Now that we have accessories figured out, you’ll want to keep your clothing items simple so you can mix and match without repeating outfits. An off the shoulder top is great for those warm european days you’ll spend under the sun. You can find this style almost anywhere in all different colors and at all different price points.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 11.06.40 PM

A light jumpsuit is also a good idea for walking around in. It’s light, breezy, and feminine all at the same time. You can’t go wrong with this look as it requires minimal effort and calls for immediate attention.


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