Fall Closet Makeover

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Fall is officially here. The clothes have been around for many weeks now, but the weather is finally starting to change (depending on where you live) and you ask yourself “what am I wearing? My earlier blogs were about key items to purchase this season. Now I write to you about, where will those new items go in your closet, or what you loosely call your closet?

Part of my work is to help people maneuver through their closet; the good, the bad and the ugly. We go in there like Ninjas, come out with bags full and voila, now you have a closet that you can see in and want to be in.

Everything inside now fits properly, is pressed, tailored, and visible to your eye. You will also have photos to prove that you have many available outfit options for almost any occasion. Whatever you are missing, we will then do the shopping for you to create an extremely versatile, wearable, and fully staple loaded closet. Anything is possible when you have these components.

How to do this without a professional? Here are some tips:

-Go through every piece. Pull out what you haven’t worn (in over a year) and put it aside.
-Organize what you do wear by style and color.
-Take a good look at what you have left in the closet hanging or folded. Do one more edit of things you aren’t sure about or just don’t know how to wear.
-Get rid of anything that is damaged, pilled, stained, and most importantly, doesn’t fit well and not worth a trip to the tailors. You are only allowed to keep one dress, pant or jean in a smaller size to inspire you
-Use your best fashion sense and get rid of things that you bought in college, during pregnancy (if you aren’t having anymore) and just plain out of style looks that you do not want to revisit.
-Now whatever is left in the pile that is still questionable, try all of it on and edit once more. Whatever makes the cut, put in an area of your closet together, and see if you go to that area in the next 6 months. If not, put it all in a bag and donate.

*Also, make sure to have a nice container in your closet always, in order to discard clothes immediately that you know aren’t right.

*AND PLEASE DO NOT THINK that your long gypsy skirt, jean jacket, suit or your winter coat from 15 years ago will come back in style. It will, but those particular cuts, washes, shoulder pads, etc, may not. Please purge your closet of these and buy new.

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