Happy New Year

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Welcome 2015…it’s going to be a great year!  We all make new  year resolutions that are seemingly manageable on 12/31, and then we fall short within a few days. It’s normal and we have all done it before. This year I have decided to do two things, that if done well, will affect my everyday life. I have decided to get focused on what’s most important in my day and tackle that first, and to get organized. The latter is partially how I make my living, so I will focus more on that in this blog. It’s not easy to be organized, nor let alone stay organized, and I myself don’t always do it. My revelation came recently as my family just moved homes.  I needed to hire myself to get through the endless closets, rooms, storage, garage, etc. I of course started with my closet. I donated, I sold, I consigned and I gave away to family and friends. I went through every piece of clothing, shoes, accessories, even under garments. The exercise was excruciating but when I moved into my new home I felt calm, happy and cleansed. This was so therapeutic for me as I usually only do it for my clients. Here are some of my tips on how to help youget started, now;

If it doesn’t fit, and hasn’t for a while, please get rid of it.

If it is stained, pilled, or frayed beyond repair, get rid of it.

If it’s too long, too short, or slightly big, but you love it, go to the tailor.

If it’s wrinkled, iron it.

If you plan to wear it to the next Halloween party, get rid of it.

If you are saving it for your daughter and it’s not a designer brand, get rid of it (she will never appreciate it)

If you aren’t typically a vintage shopper or the “it” girl of the moment, and think something in the back of your closet will come back in style, please get rid of it.

If you have holey t shirts and sweat pants from the college days, get rid of them.

If you are holding onto “things” for sentimental value, first ask yourself how they make you feel when you look at them, and then try to get rid of some, please.

**My special tip is to color coordinate everything from light to dark within classifications. Call me for more information:)

The end result should be a very well organized, clean closet that you are proud and happy to enter!

2015 is a new year, it can also be a new you. Go out there every day like it matters. The way you look and more importantly, the way you feel about how you look, will set the tone for the rest of your day and everyone else’s attitude toward you.  Happy New Year Everyone!

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