How to Dress for Transition Seasons: Summer to Fall

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Transitional seasons are always the hardest to dress for. New trends are starting to rise but the weather doesn’t always allow the latest styles to be practical. Although making the switch from a summer to fall wardrobe can be a little tricky, I have some advice that will help you blend the best of summer and fall fashion for a practical yet fashionable look.

Try pairing a short summer skirt or short with a cashmere sweater. The combination of short bottom and a long sleeved top is a perfect transitional style that gives the illusion of fall fashion yet is still comfortable to wear in warmer weather. You can mix and match various neutral colors to keep within a warmer colored palette.

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An everyday little jean skirt is a great find as it is easy to pair with almost any top. You can pair it with a sweater and sneakers for a cool and casual look or dress it up with wedges and a structured sweater for a more sophisticated feel.

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Short sleeved sweaters also pair nicely with jean or any style skirt for transitional wear as they give the illusion of fall fashion but are still practical to wear in summertime weather.

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Leather is always a great look to transition with in various styles. You can pair a little leather skirt with a lighter top to blend seasonal trends or vice versa with a cool summery pant paired with a leather jacket on top. Pairing white denim with an accent black leather jacket is an easy way to look chic with a little bit of an edge for day or nighttime wear.

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Chunky knit or wool sweaters are also a good go-to look that works perfectly for pre fall fashion. Try pairing a heavier top with a colored jean bottom for an easy on-the-go outfit or a structured pant for a nighttime or work appropriate look.

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Colored denim in various styles is an easy way to combine your summer and fall wardrobe. Darker colored denim like blacks or deep greens are easily paired with a light and neutral colored top for great pre fall street style. Try pairing a black denim bottom with a basic colored tee for an on-the-go look that is easy and chic all at the same time.

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Last but not least, the essential fall item that is necessary and easy to pair with summertime fashion is the non other than the bootie. Every girl needs a classic black and brown bootie as a go-to for almost any outfit. The low heel adds a sleek touch to any look and the style pairs fabulously with almost any fashion trend. You can pair a bootie like the ones below from Aquazzura with light jeans and a heavier top for a more wintery look or a summer dress and light jacket for more of a summertime vibe.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 10.28.43 PM

Meshing items from two different seasons together can be quite the task but these style tips will help you pair the best from both of your wardrobes to create a unique and transitional pre fall style!

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