How To Layer Accessories

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Clients ask me for help with accesorizing all the time: “How do I accessorize for everyday outfits? What should I wear? How much should I spend? How do I layer?” I have realized that many women are intimidated when it comes to accessorizing beyond the everyday studs and watch.  It does take some practice along with a little bit of time and patience,  but there really aren’t any hard and fast rules to follow.

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My everyday pieces are my stainless steel watch stacked with several neutral color beaded bracelets mixed with leather and stud wrap bracelets, along with my diamond stud earrings.  I guess this has become my signature as I rarely take them off. When I do, it is in favor of a simple gold thin cuff or a designer branded leather cuff. Other jewelry comes and goes depending on my outfits and most importantly my mood.  In order to make this simple to follow, I will break it down for you so hopefully your accessorizing becomes the easiest part of your daily routine. Once you have a “look” or go-to method, this alone can change a very simple outfit.

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Layering has been and will continue to be a big part of accessorizing. Some companies even sell rings and necklaces in 3’s to make it fail proof for you. The key to layering necklaces is to choose similar metals or fabrics that complement each other and they should be at staggered lengths so that all pieces are seen and aren’t intertwined. This layering is best paired with v-neck tees, sweaters, and blouses. They can be dainty everyday pieces or you can go for more statement pieces as well- just don’t pile on 3 chunky necklaces unless you know what you are doing.

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Layering rings is a bit more tricky, but again, as long as the pieces compliment each other, stacking is a great way to be creative and unique. You don’t need karats to be noticed, if you can stack a great set of rings together I promise people will turn heads.

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As far as statement pieces, they are just that! They are best used with subtle prints or monochromatic palettes. Necklaces work well with open collared shirts, v-neck tops, and especially great with crewneck dresses and seaters. Statement earrings or ear cuffs are perfect for women with short hair especially. If you have long hair and aren’t really willing to pull it up or back than stick to statement necklaces, bracelets, or rings as they will add to your outfit more than earrings.

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People’s clothes tell a story. It’s a quick snapshot of your personality, your mood, and lifestyle. Accessories do the same thing and should be thought about that way. It’s easier to buy a great necklace for your go to black dress than to find a new dress for the party tomorrow night. Have fun, be creative, and always be unique. If you aren’t sure then ask a friend how it looks. You can always take something off. In fact, a wise women once said “the last piece you put on, should be the first piece taken off.”

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