How To Makeover Your Closet For Fall

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I have written about makeovers and quick tips for cleaning on your own before because it is crucial to be organized in order to get out the door looking good and being on time. One of the main complaints from most of my clients is “I have nothing to wear, and I end up wearing the same thing”. Well, that is usually not the case. They probably have plenty to wear but may not be able to find it in their closet, they aren’t sure if it still fits, or if they ever bought the right shoe to pair with it.  This can lead to a very hectic morning or evening prior to going out, which we all know is miserable for every woman (and man if you have one). Fall is a perfect time for a makeover as many of us are transitioning our wardrobes getting ready for cooler weather, or we’ve just left items in our closet for so long we can no longer return them. So now is the time to change your day, change your life, and just get organized! No more thinking about it, just do it.

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Here are some essential tips that I promise will help you:

Start With Cleaning Out Your Closet:

Ask yourself these few questions and answer honestly: have you worn it in the last year? How does it make you feel? Is it flattering? Is it in good condition? (no stains, no pulls, no pills) Does it fit? Make your bags of donations, toss, tailor, consign, and fill them accordingly.

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Once this is done, go through again and be realistic about what’s left in the closet. Do you have options to wear with that top, pants, shoes? If so, they may be keepers. Do not keep something just because your aunt or long lost friend gave it to you. This takes up precious space. Sentiment has a place for a few items, but not a rack full of clothes never to be worn.

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You now can decide what is worth tailoring, and if any pieces may earn you a return on your investment. There are many good consignment stores in all cities and online.

Please, please, organize your hangers. I have my favorites, but as long as they are uniform and neat that’s half the battle. Absolutely no wire hangers and no plastic bags from the dry cleaners. They are just bad for the fabrics and your lungs.

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At this point your closet should look pretty clean and organized. I organize my own closet by colors to really make it even easier to “shop” and much nicer to look at.

Next, Make a List:

After you’ve cleaned and organized, it’s time to make your list of what you need, what you really would love, and what your budget really is. Go shopping with a list and budget in mind to make sure you cover all essentials within your price range. Wear clothes and shoes that are easy to take off so trying clothes on goes by quickly. Wear makeup to look your best so you can see what the overall affect of the outfit would look like. Make sure to eat before you go; it sounds funny but you need to have a full stomach to make wiser choices. Once the blood sugar level drops you are bound to buy a mistake! Try asking the associate for a pair of heels to try on with your outfits to make sure the overall look is complete. Also, don’t forget to ask if there is a tailor on the premises because this can save you money and time.

When trying on clothes think of the following: will it go with things in my closet; will it last more than one season; will it still look good with a weight loss or gain of five pounds, and is it too similar to what I already own?

You should set a separate shopping day for shoes and other accessories after you buy your clothes. Shopping for too many hours can be exhausting and accessories are just as important as the clothes themselves, so make sure to take your time when making important purchases.

If all of this seems too daunting of a task and you don’t think you can finish it on your own, call me for some help! A professional can get it done quickly, will finish the task, and save you time and money in the end with an envious wardrobe that will evolve from season to seasons.  Think of it as the ultimate gift to yourself that will keep on giving.

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