Mother’s Day Special Gift

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“One person who does the work of 20, for free”
Happy Mother’s Day! I think Mother’s Day 2021 should be spectacular! It should always be celebrated but let’s face it, many things last year fell short of even being nice, let alone spectacular.This year unfortunately will be my first mother’s day without my daughter who is away at college. (pictured here at 6 months, at an impromptu photoshoot taken while working) I’m sure my gifts will be aplenty despite her not being here, LOL, but with or without her physical presence, our children are always with us heart and soul, and for that I’m eternally grateful.

I just came from an extended trip to see my mom, who I haven’t been with physically on Mother’s Day in probably 20 years. My siblings and I live far but we try to make the day as special as possible for her with gifts, flowers, food delivery, etc. Whatever we can do to make her feel as special and loved as she is, and to maybe quell the guilt of not always being there in person to celebrate her:) Thank you Mom if you are reading…you’re simply the best!

Raising good, I mean really good, well rounded humans, takes a village, so I’m celebrating all mom’s, mom’s to be, and the caregivers who help us to be better mom’s, with a special offer for you to gift or receive!

Special #1
A Spring Virtual Closet Cleaning. This gift is something we secretly would love but don’t always want to splurge on ourselves. This is for the very busy mom who wants to look good, be organized, save time, but is too busy taking care of everything and everyone else. She will walk away with an edited wardrobe, organized closet and new outfit options! Originally $400, Special now $300
Special #2
A Spring Digital Style Board with new pieces to freshen up her wardrobe, and give her several new outfit options, without having to leave the house and with a professional to get it done. With a click of the mouse she will have a new Spring wardrobe. Originally $500, Special now $400 
Special #3
A 1 Hour Virtual Consultation to talk about anything Fashion. Advice on trends; styles for her body type; designers, stores, online sites that are best for her style, size and budget; what to get rid of and what to keep, etc! This is for the mom that may not want to jump all in but has a lot of questions and likes to do things on her own and at her pace. Originally $175, Special now $150
**Special pricing available until May 8th (hopefully by May 9th you will have bought mom a gift:)
If any of these sound like your mom, sister, best friend, or you, please just simply reply to this email, or email me at with your choice of gift, and you will receive a payment invoice
Schedule below a complimentary chat to see what works best for her, and if you aren’t sure, we can design a combination package exclusively for her.**Gift Certificates are also available for any dollar amount

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