New Service: 60 Day Transformation

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style transformation service

New package, just in time to have you ready for Fall and your holidays! The 60-Day Transformation is a unique program crafted just for you. This journey is all about refining your style. Over two months, we’ll work together to tidy up your closet, shop for pieces that you love, and discover the looks that make you feel fantastic. From understanding your body shape to finding your color palette, every step is personalized. With ongoing support and a clear plan, dressing up will become a joy, not a chore. Your journey to an effortless wardrobe starts here!

Inside this Program:

  • Full Closet Edit
  • Personalized Shopping Session
  • Digital Style Board Creation
  • Comprehensive Styling Session
  • Stylist On-Call

The Transformation:

  • Personal Style Discovery
  • Body Shape Mastery
  • Personal Color Palette
  • Wardrobe Cohesion
  • Authentic Self-Expression

Post-transformation, you will step into each day feeling happy, confident, stylish, and empowered.

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