Happy Friday, and Happy Labor Day weekend! I’m sure you may have some plans this weekend, so what ever they may be, please relax, enjoy and stay safe!

If you saw my blog last week on Digital Style Boards, then you will understand this one! If not take a peak here first.  These new boards below are all about thoughtful, intentional, outfit creation. Your digital style boards are just the very beginning, because now what do you do when all the beautiful pieces you bought are housed in, hopefully, your very well edited closet (more on that next week:)?

Are you asking yourself well they look beautiful, but how do I wear them? How do I mix and match these pieces with my current pieces? How do I accessorize them, or where am I going in them? Whatever your challenges may be when you walk into your closet and immediately feel stuck, try the outfit curation boards like below. You can have a digital file at your fingertips when you need it! It’s a simpler version of a full look book, however, we can do that too!
If these services sound right for you and you are ready to start investing in yourself, please book your complimentary session to see how I may be able to help you!
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In Health, Kim
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