Shoppable Style Boards:

With this easy package, you will have instant wardrobe updates curated just for you. This package will help you start exploring your personal style.

  • One 30-minute Zoom call where we will discuss your needs and goals. I will ask you questions about your personal style, lifestyle, work, and family. We will then decide the most important pieces needed to help you get dressed confidently every day.
  • One digital shopping board with links to 20 pieces for you to shop from directly at your convenience, at any time, from anywhere. 

Love it? Try our new Style Subscription! If you know you will need continuous help planning outfits throughout the year, this may be for you. Every month you will receive your exclusive digital board to keep you current, and stylish for every occasion, and you can choose any category of board each month!

– 30 Min Consult and One Board for $350

 6 Months for $1800 ($300 Savings)

– 12 Months for $3000 ($600 Savings)

*For an upgrade you can add on seasonal Look Books to this package, so you understand not only what to wear but how to wear it!

30 Day Revamp: 

This is a great package to get your closet and wardrobe organized and edited, plus we will add missing key pieces so that putting together outfits will be effortless. This is a great package to help you get dressed easily, stress-free, and with options for every day of the week. At the end of our time together you will have a much better understanding on what styles work best for your body and colors that flatter, honing your individual personal style, and the ability to accessorize and style outfits with ease. 

  • 1 30-minute consultation via Zoom to start. This is where I will really get to know you and put together a strategic plan for our month together.
  • 1 Closet Edit done virtually or in-person.
  • 1 Digital Shopping board with links to 20 key pieces, or a 1:1 shopping trip
  • 1 30-minute virtual styling session
  • Stylist On Call for 30 days via text and email for all of your questions! (like your personal style coach at your fingertips)
  • $1500

3 Month Seasonal Transformation:

The complete seasonal transformation starts here! This is a comprehensive package to do a deep dive into your personal style. This is perfect for you if you find it challenging to choose different outfits daily, don’t really enjoy shopping, or like shopping but not sure what works for your body, not sure how to style or accessorize,  and truly want to explore your personal style and how to enhance it. At the end of our 3 months together you will have a well-rounded, working seasonal wardrobe, with complete outfits and options, and the knowledge, confidence, and tools to pull it all together. 

  • 1 60 -minute consultation via Zoom to come up with our 3 month strategic plan 

  • 1 full closet edit
  • 2 shopping sessions virtually or 1:1
  • 1 style session in person or virtually
  • 1 look book with 15 outfit options
  • Your choice of 1 additional service; Trip Packing, Digital Capsule Wardrobe, Event Styling, or Branding Photo Shoot Prep
  • Stylist on Call for 90 days via text and emails (ask me anything) and schedule 2-30 minute face time or zoom calls when you are out and have questions about purchases and need a quick and definitive yes or no!
  • $4000 

6 or 12 Month Total Transformation Packages:

These are the crème de la crème of packages. To truly do a personal style and wardrobe makeover it takes time. Not only time but the willingness to understand that we evolve as people, therefore our style and wardrobe needs do the same. It’s continuous, as it should be. But with the right help, guidance, and tools it’s a much more pleasurable, effortless journey knowing you have the continued support of your own personal stylist to assist you. If you long for the help to looking and feeling your very best every day, for every occasion, every event, every trip, every board room meeting or speaking engagement, then this may be for you. This package will give you back all that time, money, and frustration spent shopping to still not have a cohesive working wardrobe, and end the paralysis of walking into your closet and wondering what to wear! Imagine having a Personal Style Coach at your fingertips for a year! 

$7000 – $12,000

A La Carte Menu:

  • Virtual Style Coaching – $175 – This is a 60 min consult for you to ask all the fashion questions you’ve ever had and, or, use it to style outfits from your closet for any of your daily needs, or upcoming events.
  • Packing Session – $500 – (Virtual or In-Person) 2 hours includes styled outfits for 1 week of travel with a look book.

“I am so grateful to have worked with Kim because now my wardrobe is finally complete and I have learned countless tips on finding the perfect outfit for every occasion.” – Annie

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