Clothing Subscriptions Don’t Cut it: You Need a Personal Stylist Miami Locals!

by Jun 11, 2018blog

Clothing subscriptions are becoming the latest trend in fashion. KR Personal Style, a personal stylist Miami trusts, knows that, despite how convenient these subscriptions may seem, they cannot replace a personal stylist. Many people are drawn by the ease of having a clothing subscription because it limits the amount of effort that they have to put forth. However, anyone who wants real quality and real customer service knows that you cannot settle for the simple and easy option. That is what we are here for. If you are looking for a luxury fashion stylist Miami residents recommend, contact us at KR Personal Style today.

Why are Clothing Subscription Boxes a Bad Idea?

Many people are drawn to this new and innovative idea of clothing subscription. The notion is that, if you fill out a couple of questions online, an algorithm or perhaps a person with a thousand clients, will come up with a set of clothes that will fit you and your style. These clothes then get sent right to your door with absolutely no extra effort on your part.

What people find, however, is that things are rarely as easy as they seem. The clothing that arrives is often not suited to their particular style. They may find one piece among a dozen they like and would wear again. Meanwhile, the other pieces don’t quite fit right on their bodies or just don’t seem like they were picked out for them.

Clothing subscriptions, in the end, become more work than you set them out to be. Between returning items you didn’t like and having to find something to wear in between one subscription box and the next, you are better off having a personal stylist who can pick out everything for you and do it right the first time.

Are You Looking for a Personal Stylist Miami Locals?

Miami locals take note: KR Personal Style, a fashion stylist Miami locals prefer, is here to serve you. We know the market of Miami fashion, and we can make sure you stay on top of it. Don’t settle for clothes delivered to you through a box and choose someone who gets to know you in person. Fashion is by no means an impersonal affair, and we take that very seriously. We can ensure that your wardrobe is a reflection of the real and glamorous you. If you would like to see how we, the personal stylist Miami trusts, can transform you and your closet, contact us today.

Contact Us

KR Personal Style is a fashion stylist Miami recommends. We focus on bringing you high quality and fabulous fashion that you will love and that will perfectly suit your personal style. We know that you are unique and a few simple online quizzes can not define you. We are here to serve the whole you with our skilled and experienced perspective on style and fashion. If you are interested in learning more about our services or you would like to get a consultation with us, please contact us at KR Personal Style today.

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