I’ve never thought of myself as a person who couldn’t pull it together – but changes with career out of the corporate arena and getting close to a milestone birthday – made me realize that I could use some help. Lucky for me, I found Kim Rodriguez.  She was comfortable and professional while getting a grasp of what my objectives were; no more frumpedelic!  Her clear definitive sense of personal style allowed me to gladly let go of items that just didn’t work; I actually had space in between hangers that I haven’t ever seen before!  And best, her ability to efficiently shop with me for what was needed was a whole lot of fun and having a closet of clothes that all work is really great!  Buying gift certificates for others have been the best gifts to gives!Tracey

I really enjoyed working with Kim over the last year. She started by helping me clean out my closet and determine what clothing to keep and what to toss. I wear Petite sized clothing so I was having trouble finding trendy pieces in my size. I had fallen in a fashion rut, going to the same stores and buying the same styles over and over again. Kim gently pushed me out of my comfort zone, and had me try styles and stores that I would have never considered on my own. In addition, she suggested must-have basics for any woman’s wardrobe, investment pieces, and lots of fun, trendy items at affordable prices. She has an eye for color, quality and proportion. Kim is a savvy stylist with a very sweet personality.”Monica

“I always thought having a personal stylist was only for the rich and famous, but thanks to Kim it is accessible to us all!  Shopping with Kim is such a fun experience and she is truly helpful finding good fits for your body type.  Kim is patient, fun, and has great style! I am so grateful to have worked with Kim because now my wardrobe is finally complete and I have learned countless tips on finding the perfect outfit for every occasion.  I recommend Kim 100% and look forward to many more sessions!  Thank you Kim!”Annie

“I’m getting ready for my second go around with Kim. Last year I lost weight and had to change my whole wardrobe. As I looked in my closet every morning I knew I needed help. Kim came in reorganized,got rid of old clothes and got me new clothes. She understood that I was going to be gaining weight so the items she picked out for me were  not only affordable but looked great. I have put on some weight and am ready for spring and summer clothes for work and play.
Kim is a pleasure to work with, she understands exactly what you want,has an eye for what will look good on you and is VERY AFFORDABLE. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!”
Judi Berger

“When I moved to the USA, I started to gain weight and realized that my clothes didnt fit anymore. I lost confidence, nothing looked right on me, and my frustration grew every time I had a social event. I just didnt want to go out. Im one of those women that donate tons of clothes twice a year, but somehow I couldnt get rid of some of it; because it was expensive or because I was hoping to wear it again.
Thats when I decided to contact Kim. She not only helped me to get rid of all the outfits that didnt fit or looked outdated, but also went shopping with me. I wanted simple modern looking clothes. I got so much more, I got my confidence back!
My husband cant be happier now that it only takes me about 5 minutes to decide what Im going to wear because is easy. Everything in my closet has a purpose; it fits, looks modern, and is conveniently interchangeable. Im again a happy woman! The only problem I have now is that Im moving out of Miami, if I only could take her with me!”
Carla Gomez Amoros

“I’ve been trying to clean out my closet and fill in pieces to fit my new lifestyle as a full time mommy forever and it hasn’t come together until now! Kim is absolutely fabulous and so easy to work with. She has helped me sort through my entire closet… saving things that are worth it and parting with those that I need to let go of but have been holding onto. She does it all from cleaning out your closet to helping you shop for a special event. XOXO.”Malena Giro

“Kim Rodriguez and her personal style has been the best investment I have made! She is knowledgeable, professional, friendly and helpful beyond words! She helped me organize my closet and find clothes I didn’t know I had. She helped me weed through years of out-of-style clothes, shoes and purses. I feel so relieved and renewed every time I go into my closet now. What a great feeling!”Corey

“I never thought I would be the kind of girl that would use a stylist but after working with Kim I dont think I will ever shop by myself again. As a working mom of two, I felt I never had the time to shop for new stuff and keep up with the latest fashion trends. I felt that my wardrobe was filled with T-shirts and Jeans and I eternally looked like a Soccer Mom from the 90s no less. Even though I wanted to dress better and look more stylish, I never knew how nor did I have the time to try and figure out what to buy.
I decided to ask for some help and was lucky enough to have met Kim. She helped give my closet a makeover and purge some of the stuff that should have been gone years ago. I actually had shirts and jackets with shoulder pads in themughhhhh. Then with my size and budget in hand she took to the stores and purchased some of the best stuff I could have asked for. After only one session in my closet, she figured out exactly what I needed and what I would have liked. She didnt try and alter my style but was able to get me a little trendier with a style I was already comfortable with.

I would recommend Kim to anyone looking for some guidance with their clothing whether it be just to reorganize your closet or rebuild your wardrobe. I was not kidding when I said I will never shop alone again! I am already looking forward to my next shopping experience. Thanks Kim!”Christa G