Read Where the Sales Are!

by Jun 26, 2013blog

Read where the sales are!

Hi Everyone, The days of the twice yearly sale is over.  We have been inundated with sales from all the top retailers for years now. I’m certainly not above paying full price for something I just have to have NOW, but as a personal shopper, I have to be a smart shopper. These are a few of my tricks:

-Sign up for all emails from your favorite stores. Your inbox will be flooded with great deals, but sign up for a free email acct just for those emails.

-Shop now for great summer savings. All the stores are selling through summer product to make room for the new Pre-Fall merchandise. Remember many of your spring/summer items will work well into Fall with a little styling help.

-The flash sale sites are great if you have the patience and also the diligence to do returns! Gilt Group, HauteLook and Saks Flash Sale are 3 of my favorites.

-Right now all stores have sales going on, but 2 of my favorite online shopping experiences for people of all ages, sizes, and income brackets are Shopbop and Piperlime. Check them out!

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