Reflecting on 2023 and Looking Forward to 2024!

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A Reflection on 2023 and a Heartfelt Thank You

As 2023 comes to a close, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on this past year and, most importantly, to say thank you! There are many people and services in this space, and I can’t thank you enough for trusting me with your personal style journey and supporting me for over 12 years.

2023 was again a year of growth, which I’m happy to report, and there are more good things to come in 2024. I had the pleasure of adding many new clients this year to my already awesome roster of women. I also had the pleasure of working with husbands, boyfriends, and yes, even sons, and I added services both short-term and long to help many achieve their immediate style goals as well as their long-term style journey.

Personally, I had some great travel adventures, my daughter graduated college and moved to NYC, my family is thriving and healthy, and this year we gear up to celebrate both my parents’ 80th birthdays, their 60th wedding anniversary, and my 25th wedding anniversary! Lots of exciting planning and possibilities on the horizon 😊

I consider the new year as a clean slate. No worries about the past in goals you may not have achieved, or mistakes that were made. January 1st is a fresh start and that inspires me. My personal growth and business growth are my 2 main goals this year. Not a resolution, as I believe I try to do both continually, however, there are times that it all just gets to be a lot and finding the time for reflection can be daunting.

I’d Love to Hear from You!

I love sharing my newsletters with you, and I hope to be more consistent in the new year. In this newsletter, however, I would like to ask something of you this time. I’d love your insights, suggestions, recommendations, etc. on the below asks, and anything else you’d feel like sharing with me as we start out 2024! All you have to do is reply directly to this email, I promise I read them all. Anything and all will help me achieve my goals for the new year!

Your Feedback Wanted

I’d like to really know what you would like to see more of here at KR Personal Style, e.g., more tips, more services, more videos, more newsletters (or less), group sessions, Facebook groups, masterclasses, etc. As a solopreneur, it’s important for me to have feedback. Many of you take the time to write me back, send me texts, and write testimonials which I’m eternally grateful for, but I’d like this to be a safe space for you to offer constructive thoughts also on how I can be better and do better 🙂

Podcast Recommendations

I’d like to listen to podcasts this year, I listen to zero, yikes! I took up walking during Covid, which I’ve continued to do 1x per week. I typically go to the gym, for a run, or use my peloton, so walking was a big change for me. I now always look forward to it every Sat or Sun when time allows, and typically use this time to talk to friends and family. I’d like to still connect with my people but make the walks longer and add a podcast. I’m open to positivity and motivational podcasts, entrepreneurship, fashion and lifestyle, and other possibilities. I have no agenda here; I just feel out of touch listening to none.

Book Suggestions

Reading more is always on my list, and I think I have great motivational books on the side table, but I’m open to book recommendations for self-growth, scaling a business, entrepreneurship, motivational stories, and nonfiction.

Google Review Request

My last ask would be a Google review if you haven’t done one and you’ve been happy with our work together. The reviews on Google are so important, especially for small businesses. I try to do one for each new small business that I work with or personally use as I understand the importance. If you are so inclined, this is the link, and I thank you in advance ❤️

→ Click Here To Leave a Google Review

Time is precious, and it seems like a commodity now, so if you don’t reply, or you do so in 3 months, I’m perfectly okay with both. I’m thrilled and content having you here and supporting me by just subscribing and reading! I wish you a wonderful New Year filled with love, health, friendship, and growth!

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