Spring 2019 Fashion Trends

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Part 1 of 2:

What will or won’t you be wearing this spring?  There are so many exciting, different trends this season for you try on. Sometimes seasons blend in with one another until the next really big shift, well not this Spring. There are no blurred lines this season, you will either love the new directional trends or not! It is my obligatory duty to share the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly…..no matter what. And remember, I am one person with an opinion, and would never try to rain on anyone’s parade if they feel confident and beautiful in any one of the trends featured. So, if biker shorts, dad sandals and tie-dye are your thing you will be most happy this spring! PS: We are doing a 2 part series this season so stay tuned for next week’s trend forecast, there is a lot to talk about!

Borrowing from the 60’s-80’s

Tie-Dye – I’m not talking about your average 60’s tie-dye, do it yourself in the backyard with some buckets, but more sophisticated colors, patterns, and silhouettes can be found.

Zara                              Rhode Resort                       Kos Resort



Crochet- Again, not your basic 70’s crochet. This Spring you’ll find modern, elevated, and elegant pieces that will work into your current wardrobe perfectly.
                               Free People                                       Mango                                     Theory



Biker shorts- Okay, unless it’s a denim or a linen short, I’m not really on board here. I’m barely on board with the aforementioned. But, if you are confident enough to pull this trend off, then embrace it and have fun.
                                            RtA                                           re:named                        Free People



Lamé –  My prom dress was gold lamé and I felt like a million dollars in it. It can be done, maybe not head to toe, but flashes, panels and stripes of lame can be amazing and just the added extra for any outfit. I also love a great lamé top or skirt, just maybe not together. This is an exciting, creative, fun trend to rock all day, everyday!

                                    Cami NYC                         Derek Lam 10 Crosby             Rebecca Minkoff

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