Spring Trends 2022

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March is here and so are the newest Spring 2022 fashions. This season’s collections are hitting your favorite local boutiques and department stores right now, and there are so many micro and macro trends happening that your head may spin, at least a little. It’s always interesting to me as a stylist on how the specialty stores interpret the seasonal trends with their very edited selections, for their core customer in mind. Meaning you will see very popular brands across several stores, but the collections are curated and merchandised differently in each store, so you are really getting a different perspective on the designer’s brand depending on where you like to shop.

So what trends are you buying into this season? I use the word trend cautiously here as it’s often mistaken for a “trendy” piece of clothing, but trend means change, and in fashion change is inevitable every season. A trend helps guide us to understand what’s currently relevant and in fashion, but not what’s necessarily stylish for all. The trends forecast is a culmination of present industry leaders’ vision and the past. Fashion is cyclical, usually coming around again every 20-30 years, so it’s ingrained in history as to what our experts forecast will be the next big thing.

Buying trendy clothes does not connote buying wise or smart, it simply means to buy ‘the trends’ that we read about or see on Instagram or in magazines and think we must have it. In order to be authentic to ourselves, we need to adapt these seasonal trends, if any, into our existing wardrobes that complement our personal style and lifestyle. As the ultimate visionary and talent once said “Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.” —Oscar de la Renta

These are the “hot list” trends that that are gracing the pages of magazines, glossy advertisements, and have been on influencers Tik Toks for months already.

Spring Trends for 2022:

  • Bold, graphic prints – think 70’s Vibe
  • Flapper and Fringe
  • Volume in pants and jackets…again
  • Shorts and short skirts
  • Black and white
  • Athletic wear with a colorful twist
  • Showing your abs

The Spring, Summer, and Resort collections are always big here in South FL, as these are pieces we can wear year-round, and on our beach getaways. With that in mind, always invest wisely and shop intentionally, but also have some fun as these tend to be our hero pieces in our wardrobes.

I’m focusing on 4 trends that undoubtedly will crossover from apparel to shoes to accessories. Incorporate all, or maybe just 1, but these 4 will instantly elevate your spring style this season! Expert Tip: Pick what works best for your personal style and start small 🙂

Bold Graphic Prints, ala 70’s!

You will see this in pants, tops, dresses and bathing suits this season. If you need an update to your beloved floral prints or stripes (neither of which are out of style, btw) consider a bold print in colors that suit you best. You can easily tone down the 70’s vibe by choosing a simple tee or knit paired with a printed pant or skirt, or a bold graphic dress paired with a jacket, so no need to go full bohemian unless that’s your style. If so, you will love this season’s fashions.


Another 70’s revival is Crochet and you will see this in apparel, handbags, and even designer shoes. If you aren’t fully invested in going back in time with a modern version of a crochet skirt or vest, consider adopting the trend in a bag or shoe this season. They are colorful, fun, and add interesting depth and elevation to all your favorite summer dresses!

Volume, Volume, Volume.

We’ve been seeing this now for a few seasons, and probably in part due to the Pandemic, it will be sticking around. I don’t know about you but the thought of putting on a structured suit, tight jeans, or bodycon dress is just not that appealing to me these days, so I fully embrace this trend. Wearing voluminous pieces though is not always easy and you must consider certain things to make it work for you. Your body shape, your height, and the fullness of the garment are extremely important factors for creating a great fit and look. You don’t want to be swallowed by your jacket or stepping all over your pants, or looking larger than you’d like in your IG pics. Choose styling and proportions very carefully, and I promise you will look super chic!

Crop Tops and Cut Outs

spring trends Crop and cut outs

Again? Yes, but it’s how you choose to wear it that really makes the statement. If you aren’t comfortable showing your abs like J lo, then try a small, interesting cutout in the back or small cutouts on the sides of a dress. If you don’t mind showing a bit of stomach, then buy the top and pair it with a very high waisted wide leg trouser or skirt. The trouser or full skirt will give a nice balance to the outfit, and some modesty to the crop trend. For added interest or coverage pair a short leather jacket or blazer with the outfit.

There are very chic options to wearing trends in a way that truly suit your personal style. Shop for what you like, what you know will work with your existing wardrobe and compliment it, and only pieces that make you feel confident walking out the door!

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Sprint Trends KR Personal Style
Sprint Trends KR Personal Style
Sprint Trends KR Personal Style

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