Spring Wedding Wardrobe Guide

by Mar 22, 2018blog

Wedding season is upon us and it’s time to start hunting for your perfect dress! There are all sorts of weddings come spring time and with each wedding you will want to sport a distinctive look. Whether the event is black tie or casual, a wedding look should always be tasteful and elegant. Here are some options for any kind of wedding you may attend this season


For formal weddings you are probably “safest” with a floor length gown. Elegance is key for a black tie wedding. However, just because the event is upscale doesn’t mean you can’t be adventurous with your outfit choice. Incorporate this season’s trends (ruffles, bright colors, flowers) into your look.



With cocktail weddings you can dress down a bit more. You can wear midi or mini dresses but make sure you choose a tasteful length.


Beach weddings are always difficult because you want something elegant yet comfortable. Try to stick to a material that can withstand the sand and is breathable. Bright colors are always a great idea for beach weddings in the spring.


Again, you have more liberty with daytime weddings for a more casual look. You can go with an off the shoulder dress or strappy style for a sophisticated yet casual ensemble.

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