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I have been sharing stylist tips and tricks on my Instagram both last week and this week. Here’s a round up of the tips!

Dress + Belt

First one: when a dress comes with a self belt, it doesn’t mean you have to wear it. Try with your favorite belts in your closet!

A dress that has a defined waist is perfect for a belt. Voluminous dresses are harder to belt and become fussy. If you want the belted look and you want it to be easy…you should start with a more structured dress. 🤗

stylist tips dress belt


One question that almost all clients ask me is what my favorite denim brands are. As a jean girl I have a lot of denim, but I’m not necessarily loyal to any one brand/pair, as they all fit differently depending on style and wash.

When you are looking to add new styles to your wardrobe or maybe to elevate your less expensive denim, my advice is to try different brands! There are brands I highly recommend and brands I never try anymore as they just never work for me, but I may recommend them to a client depending on body type.

It can be tedious, but my suggestion is to just do it online, so you have an array of brands to choose from that the stores typically don’t carry. Or, if you won’t do that, give yourself plenty of time in your favorite store and try several styles in several brands.

I did an online order of 2 brands I’ve never tried and 2 I haven’t tried in a long time. I only ended up with one pair, but I’m very happy!

Buying Duplicates

Do you buy in duplicates?

It’s ok, many do if they find something they really like.

stylist tips duplicates

I don’t unless it’s tee shirts, which are hard to find great ones you love. When we buy the same thing in different colors, we tend to look like we dress in a uniform. That’s fine if that’s your goal and it makes getting dressed easier, but it’s not terribly interesting.

My advice: if you buy in duplicates, it should be essentials and classic basics i.e., tees, cashmere sweaters, work trousers, suits (if you wear them), and maybe even duplicates of your work totes.

Classic pieces are easy to pair with many things to create different looks, and they are easy to accessorize. You don’t have to look the same everyday if you choose not to!

Although I love this sweater in both colors, I only kept one. It is too specific given the color blocking, so owning both seemed a bit repetitive style wise, and probably a waste of money.

Summer Dresses

Dresses are so great to wear, especially in the summer, but not always easy to fit.

Here are a few things to consider before you buy:

Proportion – if it’s too long in length, too long in straps, too long waisted, etc. consider if it can be tailored.

Fabric – is it light enough for summer, is it too sheer, do you need a slip or just nude lingerie, etc.

Bra – can you wear a regular bra, or strapless, or no bra?

If the easy summer dress becomes too complicated for you to wear, don’t buy it. Have you found any great easy summer dresses recently?

White Pants

White pants are great for the summer!! And they really can be worn all year round depending on the fabric.

A few tips before you buy:

  • Consider sizing up (especially in jeans). Also look for denim with little stretch, trust me.
  • Pay attention to sheerness in trousers. Always have skin tone underwear. And if the pockets showing bother you, take them out!
  • If you are concerned with cellulite, stick to a denser fabric. Cotton poplins or linen are great choices. Rayon blends, silks and satins are not the best option here.

Tips for Shopping a Sale

“Just because it’s on sale does not mean you have to have it.”

This is something I remind my clients all the time. If you would not purchase something at the regular price, don’t purchase it just because it is on sale.

Shop with intention, ignore temptation, it can be hard but it will serve you best in the long run.

Stylist Tips

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