Hello Everyone! I am continuing to feature my favorite pieces for the upcoming summer season. Last week’s email here was all about summer essentials and this week we are talking about accessories that pull together an entire outfit. My favorite thing to buy for a new season is shoes first, then bags and notice I say plural…. because if you are anything like me, you can never have enough of either 😉

‘If your hair is done properly and you’re wearing good shoes, you can get away with anything.’ – Iris Apfel

Honestly though you’ve heard me say it before that shoes can make or break an outfit. No matter how great your outfit is, if you aren’t wearing the right shoe, well, nicely put it’s a bit of a fail. On the other hand, If you pair jeans and a tee shirt with a great shoe or boot, you have instantly elevated your casual simple outfit to a much more stylish, chic look.

One of the biggest issues I see when helping clients clean out their closets is that they don’t have the right shoes for their wardrobe. You can own 5 pairs of shoes and have the perfect shoe for every outfit you wear. You can also have 30 pairs of shoes and nothing is quite right with the new pant or dress you just purchased. This can be remedied though. First, start in your closet and be realistic about your current wardrobe, your personal style, and lifestyle. Take an inventory of what you have, what you actually wear, and what you need in order to pull stylish outfits together the right way. You do not have to break the bank either, work within your budget. With that said, don’t buy one pair of nude shoes this season and think they will work with everything because they are a nude sandal. One shoe, no matter the color will not work with every outfit. So, really think about what you need for the season and shop accordingly.

Here are some of my favorites for this summer, and many transition into early fall nicely. I personally don’t subscribe to buying several disposable style shoes, but do pick a trendier pair or 2 in fun colors, and then shop for quality and longevity more often. Click on the photo below for brand/retailer information:

Bags!! Similar considerations should be made when shopping for bags, however, bags are usually a bigger investment and should be bought with more long-term intention.

There are staple bags that every woman needs, but those styles and sizes change depending on your lifestyle, as well as the season. Really think about your personal style and what you will be wearing this summer. If you bought a few dresses last year and struggled with a stylish bag that really worked well, now is the time to pull it all together. Don’t wear your pretty linen or cotton dresses with your everyday heavy black leather bag. If your goal is to look stylish, pulled together, and confident, then you must think about everything from head to toe. Just like shoes, bags matter! I have made this bag edit for summer outfits in mind, because often this is what’s missing in many closets. You will find work bags, all day every day bags, vacation bags, as well as summer evening bags, just click on the photo for all the shopping information:

I hope you all are enjoying these trend edits I’ve curated for you. If you are interested in doing a closet edit, or ready for something new, book a free 30 minute consultation here to see how we can work together to get you ready for the season. As always, if you are enjoying my newsletters I would love and appreciate you in sharing them along! Thank you:)

Stay healthy and safe,


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