The 5 Most Common Pain Points I Address as a Personal Stylist

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Hi Friends! If you’ve been following along on social media this week, I’ve been talking about our pain points as women, and what holds us back from feeling Great, Seen, Heard, Confident! If the issue is your style, then please read on……..

As a professional stylist for over 10 years, and in the fashion industry for over 30, I know a little about fashion, personal style, and women. We are extremely hard on ourselves to be great at everything, to prove to our loved ones, bosses, and ourselves that we’ve got this. But our reality is not always this. We take on way too much, maybe do things efficiently enough and somewhere along the lines, sacrificing a bit of ourselves.

I work with industry leaders, stay-at-home mom’s, retiree’s, single women just starting their careers, all of whom are at very different places in their lives. No matter if you are giving a TED Talk, going on vacation with your spouse, or heading the PTA at your kid’s school, these are all important events, and you should always strive to show up as the confident, beautiful woman you are.

So why don’t we then? Why do we stress about getting dressed for special events, date nights, luncheons, work meetings, even everyday activities? Why do we have a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear? Why do we wait until the last minute to shop for that party, or say no to an engagement because we simply can’t pull an outfit together? Or we are so bored with our style but haven’t changed it in years, maybe even decades.

Enough. Now is the time to think of yourself, invest in yourself, and show up as the woman of your dreams!

5 Major Fashion Pain Points

These are the 5 biggest pain points my clients encounter before they reach out to me. They may experience all or just 1 but 1 is enough to leave you in a confused, frustrated state over your wardrobe.

  1. Not understanding their body shape and how to dress best for it
  2. Not knowing how to style pieces
  3. Not knowing where to shop or what to buy
  4. In a style rut and keep making mistakes with a closet full of nothing to wear
  5. They’ve gained weight and haven’t shopped in a long time, and nothing fits like it should.

Understanding Body Shapes

Body Shape Guide

Not understanding styles that look best on your body shape complicates shopping! Learning shapes, silhouettes, and proportions is a huge factor in building your wardrobe and eliminating pieces in your closet with tags on, or clothing that you don’t love but wear because it fits and is in your closet, hence leaving you with a closet full of nothing to wear! Once you start to learn the guidelines (no hard fast rules) shopping and styling will become easier, maybe even enjoyable☺ You can download my body shape guide PDF or purchase my master class for more detailed information on all body shapes and styles to learn the guidelines in starting to create the wardrobe you’ve always wanted.

The Art of Styling Pieces

KR Personal Style

Styling pieces is probably the hardest skill to master. And it is a skill, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. If it’s not in your wheelhouse that is completely normal. A lot goes into styling outfits so that they flatter your body best while looking stylish and modern! Accessories like belts, jewelry, and of course shoes and bags we all know can make or break an outfit, so it all takes thought. Tuck in or not, belt or not, hem pants or not, what’s the best shoe for this jean…the list goes on with the questions that come about when styling. It takes time but you can master some of it to absolutely look like the woman in your vision.

Shopping Overwhelm

Shopping overwhelm is a real thing. You shop, you get frustrated, and you buy nothing. You shop, get frustrated, buy the outfit on the mannequin and leave to never wear said outfit. To be a wise shopper you must do your due diligence and learn what pieces look best on you, what designers are best for your body shape, lifestyle, and budget and what stores offer all of this. It’s a lot of work but can be done.

Stuck in a Style Rut

Fashion Pain Points

There is nothing worse than being in a style rut and wanting to find your style again or elevate it, but don’t know where to begin, so you never actually begin. First thing is to identify your personal style. Meaning pick your adjectives that describe the style you want to have, i.e., glamorous, elegant, casual chic, modern, edgy, artsy. Once you have your words that is what you will use to edit your closet and then to shop for meaningful pieces to fill your closet! You will never feel great or confident if you continue to buy the same things over and over making the same mistakes. It’s time for a change now!

Changes in Weight

Pain Points Fashion

Have you maybe gained weight and haven’t shopped in a long time, and nothing in your closet fits like it should? This is a big one. As women our bodies fluctuate over time. It is biological and it happens to everyone. How we navigate the changes is what’s most important. My number one rule for anyone that tells me they have gained some weight but were waiting to lose it before they called me, is don’t wait!! The reality is if you already don’t feel great in your clothes, why would you just continue to feel like this without making a change. You don’t need to be 5, 10, 20 lbs lighter to look great in clothes, you just need the right clothes for your body! This needs to be said again. The clothes are the problem, not your body. Dress for your body now!

A professional stylist will help guide you so that you buy the right clothes that work for your body, clothes that make you look and feel great, and clothes that will fluctuate a bit with weight loss, and within a reasonable budget as you may not always need these pieces in your rotation.

Working with a professional stylist will change you. I promise it will give you exactly what you need to become the absolute best version of yourself. Have you heard of Enclothed Cognition? It is the influence of the clothes we choose to wear and how they directly affect our mood. It is a psychological theory that I believe in. When you leave the house feeling amazing in your clothes, that will absolutely translate to the rest of your day. You are better prepared for the surprise meeting at work, or the interview, or the blind date, or the “I ran into my ex at the store, lol, or the special event, or the last-minute girl’s vacation, or the meet and greet at your child’s new school. The list goes on and on of our daily commitments and responsibilities and you shouldn’t attempt to tackle everything on our own. I’m here to help you find the best you, so that you always look and feel beautiful and confident, everyday!

You deserve to truly be the woman of your dreams. You can read more about the benefits of working with a stylist here or schedule your complimentary consultation here.

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