The Benefits of Personal Styling: How a Professional Stylist Can Help You Look & Feel Confident

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Hiring a personal stylist may seem like a luxury, but that thought is so outdated! There are a lot of myths that may be holding you back from hiring a personal stylist, so I wanted to share the top reasons my clients have hired me, what prevented them from hiring a personal stylist before, and what the process really is!

What is a personal stylist?

A personal stylist is someone who helps others achieve their desired image and personal style. A personal stylist’s goal is to make their clients look and feel their best every day, giving you the confidence in getting dressed again. Stylists have a natural talent for fashion, they are masters at styling a person from head to toe, and they are experts at creating and curating your personal style.

What does a personal stylist do?

Typically working one-on-one with a client, a personal stylist will advise what colors and clothing work best based on an individual’s body type, age, profession, budget, and lifestyle. Most importantly, a great stylist will listen and truly get to know you and what your goals are to make you feel your most confident self in truly defining your personal style. A personal stylist’s job is not limited to shopping and putting together outfits, as many stylists also offer services such as closet cleanses, wardrobe edits, seasonal transformations, event styling, packing, and virtual services.

A personal stylist will help you update your wardrobe by finding new items that work well with the pieces you already have and that truly align with your style. They’ll get rid of outdated or unflattering pieces, so you have more space to see your clothes and know exactly what to purchase. And a great personal stylist will offer tips and tricks for styling outfits as well as knowing the best places to shop and brands that are good for you, taking out the overwhelm when shopping on your own.

Why you could benefit from hiring a personal stylist

You don’t have to be a celebrity, a socialite, or wealthy, to hire and benefit from a personal stylist. In fact, personal stylists are more beneficial for your day-to-day life! Imagine waking up and being able to choose from dozens of outfits that directly reflect your ideal style. Imagine not having to worry about keeping up with the latest trends! Imagine having someone who knows your desired image and your body shape do all your shopping for you. Imagine never having to do last minute shopping for an upcoming event or scrolling though countless online sites to come up with nothing or just a lot of returns at the end of the day.

Getting dressed is something that we all do every single day, why not make it easier? Waking up and knowing you have a cohesive, working wardrobe for all your life’s activities is a feeling of clarity and freedom. No more stress, or scrambling last minute, no more being late after trying on countless outfits, no more wondering what shoes or bags do I need to buy to create my outfits, and no more wondering should I be wearing this, does this look good on me, or how can I make this outfit work better for me.

My clients are not walking down a runway, they are real people like you and me! Here are some of the reasons why my clients have hired me to be their personal stylist, and the reasons that held them back from hiring a stylist earlier!

Reasons To Hire a Personal Stylist

Reasons why women have hired me:

  • They were in a style rut and no longer knew what to wear
  • They have a closet full of clothes, but no idea how to put outfits together
  • They love shopping, but still don’t have a wardrobe that works
  • They have gained weight and don’t know how to dress for their body shape
  • They are starting to date again and forgot how to dress up
  • They are changing careers
  • They’re moving and don’t know how to dress for their new climate
Reasons To Hire a Personal Stylist

What has held them back from hiring a personal stylist before:

  • They feel embarrassed and ashamed that they can’t put outfits together
  • They assume it’s too much of a luxury to hire a stylist
  • They feel as though they should be able to figure it out on their own
  • They don’t really care about fashion, but want to look nice
  • They are worried that a stylist will make them feel worse about themselves
  • They don’t want or need to spend a lot of money on clothes
  • They are worried that their husband/friends won’t understand

Do you resonate with any of these feelings? They’re not uncommon, especially among women. There should be nothing holding you back if you are truly ready to make a change and invest in yourself. Making the call is the hardest part, but your personal style journey will change your life if you let it:)

If you’re thinking about hiring a personal stylist, I would love to get on a call with you! You can schedule your complimentary consult call here. And if you are interested in the mindset pillars in starting your personal style journey, check out this blog post!

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Benefits of working with a personal stylist
Benefits of Personal Styling

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