Wearing the Athleisure Trend with Style

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Not surprisingly, one of the fastest growing segments of the fashion market is ‘athleisure.’ A combination of “athletic” and “leisure” wear, there are more and more options for clothes that incorporate comfort into a busy day or help you transition from a workout into your day to day life without having to run home for a costume change!

Because of the convenience, comfort and coolness that athleisure wear provides, it has remained a strong fashion trend, but it’s sometimes not the easiest trend for most people to incorporate into their wardrobe. And by the way, it doesn’t mean simply wearing workout clothes from sunrise through dinner! To help you, here are some tips that I provide my clients when helping them shop and build their athleisure collection.

– Mixing cool athletic shoes with jeans is a great way to stay modern and comfortable without trying too hard. I’ve been seeing a lot of cuffed jeans with a hip sneaker as well. I like some of the fresh box-ready white options from Puma and Adidas Stan Smith.

white stan smith


– Wearing your workout or yoga clothes all days can work if, especially if you add a soft open cardigan, but it’s also super easy to change out of your yoga pants into a jogger pant with a cool slouchy tee or sweatshirt. Your cool sneakers obviously work well with this look, too. Jogger pant options from Athleta and Lululemon provide a hip and comfortable change after a workout.

athleta joggers(Credit


– A very ‘in’ athleisure look is track pants with a heel, but I am warning you that this is a tough one to do correctly for the simple reason that it is easy to become a fashion ‘don’t’ rather quickly. If you try this one, choose a jogger pant in a drapey material and not a sweat pant type knit. A sporty jogger with side panel and drawstring can be paired with heels and a cool sweater or blazer.

track pants with heels(Credit)


– A jogger sweatpant with a leather jacket and a great flat or boot is a look that I love. Think motorcycle or combat lace up. This would be my version of the two trends coming together perfectly.

 jogging pant with boots

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