What Are You Wearing To Work?

by Oct 28, 2013blog

What should you wear to work today? It’s usually a dilemma if you are tired of wearing the same thing week after week, but you can make several outfits from just a few key pieces that you have, or should have, in the closet. Follow these simple rules no matter what field you are in and I promise you will look great, appropriate for anything, and you will look like you have a closet full of clothes…even if you don’t.

Key Components: Sheath dress, dark modern suit, slim pant, pencil skirt, blouse, sweater

-Choose a simple sheath dress., like the Michael Kors above. It’s perfect for the office, and also for a dinner out after work. Keep it simple in pattern and color so you that you can easily accessorize a bit more for the evening. Just pack a small bag with a change of shoes if needed,a color or animal print is perfect here, and a large necklace or earring, and you are done. The next week wear the same dress with a cardigan sweater in a color, or keep it monotone and add a pretty skinny belt; this will appear as a sweater and skirt instead of the dress you wore the week before.

-A great fitting pair of slim ankle length pants, pointy toe pumps, and a silk blouse go from day to evening extremely well. Just change your lip color, touch up the makeup and you are ready to go out. The next week just do it again, but with a pretty blazer, or that cardigan, paired with a silk blouse.

-A beautiful, perfectly tailored suit is always right. Add some color underneath or try a leopard print silk blouse if you dare, and that will allow you to take off the jacket for the evening and look 100% stylish for your work cocktails. The following week pair that blazer with a pencil skirt of any color or print, maybe add a shoe boot this time for the more fashion forward offices.

-A pencil skirt will become your best friend. It pairs with anything on top and anything on the foot. It is also one of the most flattering pieces any woman, of any size or shape, can have in her closet. Buy a few; prints, colors, neutral’s, and you will always look like amazing!

And please don’t forget your bag! The best for work are structured totes. Please don’t do your everyday hobo bag with your beautiful tailored clothes. The more tailored your clothes are, the more structured your bag should be.


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