What does your fashionable tween wear to a ghetty?

by Jun 6, 2013blog

What does your fashionable tween wear to a ghetty?

This is my first attempt at blogging. Forgive me, but I should have a learning curve right? I need  one. I have been thinking of what to write about in the fashion world that hasn’t been posted, tweeted, instagrammed, snapchatted, etc, and then I decided to write about something that I personally am dealing with right now; shopping for the “tween”. Let’s just say this is not easy. I have a daughter that is 12 and on the rewind button of being a 7 year old and on the cusp of being a 14 year old at the same time. Holding onto her youth but yet wanting to be cool like some of her friends. It’s exhausting.  Anyway, she has started going to ghetty’s, which means she needs to look nice and cute, but appropriate for her age. I am going to post my do’s and don’ts for this precarious coming of age event;

Please no heels. Converse, strappy gladiator sandals, and ankle boots all are extremely cool and flat!

No makeup except the occasional nude or light pink lip gloss.

No crop tops…this is for the older set and that is still questionable.

No shortie shorts that reveal the tiniest bit of the tush. Remember they are 12, they will bend over and do all sorts of things in their clothing and not think anything of it. I love the short craze for all ages, but too short is just plain disgusting!

I also think sheer tops are questionable for this age, but if they are going to wear them please wear them with a cami and not a little bra.

My perfect go to outfit (for her), and so far she agrees; lace shorts(we do live in Miami) and a cute graphic tee or flowy sleeveless top, with a cool strappy sandal.

Our kids grow up too fast today. We need to enjoy them at this young age and still help manage them through the trying years to come…and all the while looking quite stylish through the process!

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