2021 Closet Cleanse, and the mindset needed to start

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Are you ready for a fresh start? A “new year, new you” sort of thing? Having a closet cleanse can be the perfect way to ring in the New Year in a fast and productive way. 

Learning how to edit your closet should be the theme of the new year. Out with the old (goodbye, 2020!) and in with the new is a simple way to think about moving forward in your closet space when you might feel as though you’re in a rut. Think of it as a fun way to purge your closet without stressing out too much about it. 

In fact, throughout this whole year, I’ve really noticed that change is extremely cathartic and an easy way to change an overall mood and space. So many people only think about this in terms of big home remodels or things such as that, but this thought process can be used for almost everything in our lives.

And that, my friends, is what brings us back full circle to talk about the importance of closet editing. Now, you have probably seen other closet edit blogs from me before or elsewhere on the internet, but this one is a little different. Yes, you’ll get all the steps on the how-to, but I’m also introducing the 4 mindset pillars that you should channel prior to the cleanse itself.

It’s time to get serious about nurturing yourself and your style so that you ultimately are the very best version of yourself.

how to declutter your closet

How to Edit Your Closet 

Before purging ANYTHING, you need to really find the right mindset to start and most importantly finish this project.

These tips are the best way to organize a woman’s closet by organizing yourself first. 

Consider your Time

Do not take everything out of your closet if in reality you only have 2 uninterrupted hours. I suggest doing the closet in small increments of time if that’s more feasible for you so that you can accomplish something and feel motivated to keep going. Start small, maybe 20-30 minutes, on categories you know you can finish, ie; socks, lingerie, maybe workout wear. Schedule your closet cleanse each day in your calendar, and give yourself 1-2 weeks from beginning to end.

Control your Emotions

Do not bring your sentimental attachments into the closet edit. You are here for the sole purpose of cleansing clothes that no longer work for you. Style, fit, and condition are the only components that should be considered. Do you really need the dress you met your husband in 15 years ago? I understand it’s difficult to let go of certain pieces, but ask yourself “are they truly serving me by sitting here collecting dust?”

Forget about the money

Do not think of dollars when getting rid of clothing. You may own expensive pieces that are no longer in style, no longer fit, or maybe were never right for you to begin with. Or, maybe you got an incredible deal on a designer gown, but the reality is you wore it once or maybe never. Money should not be a factor here. If you have nice pieces that no longer serve you, sell them. Make money instead of looking at older pieces every day that are taking up your closet real estate.

Get rid of what you can’t currently wear 

Purge whatever does not fit! Dress for the body you have now or you will never feel good about yourself. I don’t necessarily mean the 5-10 lbs you may have gained during the pandemic or over the holidays, I mean keeping pieces that are 2-4 sizes too big or small, just in case. NO, you want clothing that makes you feel good and look good today.

How to tidy your wardrobe

Before you start in your closet, have bags for donations, alterations, consignment, and giveaway’s to family/friends. My #1 favorite tip is to have a notebook in your closet always! When you are purging throughout the year, you should be making a list of what you really need for each season, in order to shop with intention. Put music or your favorite show on, get your favorite beverage and snack, light a candle, settle in, and please do not stress. It will take time, but it is meant to save you time in the long run. If you are doing it in small steps, you must have a finish goal of 1-2 weeks!

How to declutter your closet easily 

Use these tips to tackle decluttering your closet.

Start with the drawers

Since they’re smaller, this is an easy win and will keep you motivated for the next step.

Choose 1-2 categories depending on your time frame for the session. Do 1 small category and 1 big category. This helps you feel more accomplished at the end of the session.

While going through each category please do the following:

  • Get rid of anything with holes, stains, pills, or pulls! Don’t hang on to your fav tees with holes, just replace them.
  • Discard any pieces that don’t align with your personal style and lifestyle now! If you are questioning a certain piece put it in the maybe pile.

Don’t hold on to pieces that don’t fit your body now!

You can save a few pieces that realistically you will get back into, if weight gain has been an issue, but don’t have a closet full of  “I will wear that after I lose these extra 15lbs.”  Even if you do lose weight, traditionally we like to shop for new pieces for our new bodies. Holding onto these pieces takes up too much closet and mind real estate!

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Ask yourself, “Do I love this piece? Does it look good on me?”

If no to both then just get rid of it. If you love the piece but are questioning the fit then take it to a tailor! Everyone should have a great tailor. They can reinvent owned pieces and can also make you shop wiser for new purchases knowing that a quick nip and tuck, or hem, will make all the difference.

Make sure to go through lingerie, workout wear, bathing suits, and anything seasonal like sweaters and coats.

I see this all the time when clients hold onto older coats “just in case” and “who cares” it’s just a coat I barely wear. Anyone who lives in a colder climate will tell you that your coat is as important, if not more so than your outfit. It is what’s seen first!

Go through all bags, shoes, and accessories.

Look at condition, size, fit, comfort, and lifestyle! These categories are perfect for consignment if in good condition. There are several apps and sites that take almost all main brands now, so it’s not just a designer game anymore. Better to have the money in your pocket than sitting in your closet for years unworn!

*I can help you with the consignment of designer shoes and bags if you need a little handholding to get your ROI. Make your closet cleanse work for you!”

What is the purpose of a closet cleanse?

There are so many reasons to learn how to declutter your wardrobe but some of the best are listed below. All of these feelings and emotions are valid and should be celebrated!

  • Accomplishment
  • Happiness and Joy
  • Less Stress
  • More invested in getting dressed
  • Knowing what’s in your closet
  • Knowing what you really need, in order to shop with intention
  • Knowing that everything in your closet is ready to be worn
  • Save time in getting ready
  • Save money with no more regretful purchases
  • Always have something to wear for every occasion
  • Organized and stylish accessories that enhance outfits, not ruin them

I hope this closet cleanse helps motivate you to start, but, if you know you just can’t or won’t do it yourself, I can always help you start virtually right now. 


Thank You for being here, xx Kim



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