Hello, I’m Kim Rodriguez, creator and owner of KR Personal Style. I would like to take a moment to explain exactly what a personal stylist and shopper does, how I may be able to help you, and just a bit about me and I how I ended up here. 


KR Personal Style can help you walk out of your home everyday feeling confident and empowered to accomplish whatever your day has in store for you. We will probably start in your closet to purge, organize, and restyle what is in there. You will then have a very well edited, organized closet that will allow you to get ready in minutes for every occasion. The next step is usually shopping, either together, or utilizing my convenient door to door service, whereas you never have to leave your home. All the goods come directly to you! Next is the best part..a styling session pairing your new items with all your existing pieces hanging in the closet. We will reinvent outfits that you would never have thought of. We can also help style you for an event whereas you may already have an outfit but you just need some direction on accessories, shoes and possibly the best hairstyle for the cut of the dress. The services are endless so there is never another day where you say “I have nothing to wear.” 

Why do I do this for work? It’s because I love working with people who want to improve themselves, are evolving, or may just need some help in certain areas of their life to do that. Dressing well and appropriate for the occasion, instantly gives one a self-esteem boost which exudes a self-confidence that everyone is attracted to. I work with women and men of all ages and stages in their lives. I love what I do and would love to help you find and express your personal style.

Everyone can benefit from some wardrobe assistance, the hardest part is just making the call. If you are looking to make the most out of your wardrobe, look and feel stylish everyday, never questioning your choices or running late again because you don’t know to wear, the team at KR Personal Style is ready to help!


“Remember, you will have thousands of first impressions, make them all count.”


I started my career in the fashion business after graduating from The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a minor in Fashion Marketing. My First job was working as a representative for fashion photographers and stylists in NYC. Four years later my career in the retail/wholesale world of fashion began. While working at Bloomingdale’s in NYC as a merchandiser, I was offered the Visual Merchandiser position at Calvin Klein.

My experience at Calvin Klein landed me a great opportunity as the Visual Director at Wilke-Rodriguez, a well known menswear brand.
My role as Visual Director at Wilke-Rodriguez was to showcase the brands image consistently through advertising, marketing, store displays and retail presentation.

Every company and/or person has an image, and people have an immediate perception of this image upon their first introduction. Whether it be in business or in your personal life, looking your best and presenting your individual sense of style is always important.

I now live in Miami with my husband Eddie, my daughter Isabel, and our dog Lulu. Although we left NYC, Miami is a wonderful city with so much to offer and so much inspiration on many different levels. It’s for these reasons I started KR Personal Style.

Fashion is fun and inspiring. It creates an assured sense of self confidence and self esteem that people feel, not just see. If you always strive to look your best, I believe you will feel your best about YOU!

“Kim is a pleasure to work with, she understands exactly what you want, has an eye for what will look good on you and is affordable. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!” – Judi

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