Have you ever wondered how to dress for your body shape?

We’ve all been there. You get dressed only to feel unenthusiastic about your outfit and you aren’t sure why but you don’t have the time to think about it now? You have a special occasion or a trip coming up that you’d almost rather cancel than go out shopping for that special dress or bathing suit? You just bought your friend’s favorite jeans that look amazing on her, but not great on you? You put off buying new seasonal pieces because you don’t know where to start and are now in a style rut? If any of this sounds familiar to you, don’t worry! There is a solution. Understanding your body shape is the most important factor in choosing the right clothing for you! It will help you shop smarter, get dressed easier, look more stylish and polished, so that you will always feel confident in your clothes!

This masterclass will teach you everything from understanding your body shape, styles that are most flattering for your natural body shape, and tips on how to best enhance your body beautiful.

We will discuss all of this and so much more:

How to identify your natural body shape

What styles, broken down by category, look best for your body shape











Tips on how to wear these styles, styling tips including accessory recommendations and best style shoes to wear with your pants!

Get in the Masterclass today and start feeling fabulous tomorrow!

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