Fall Fashion Trend: Quiet Luxury

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Have you heard of the “Quiet Luxury” trend? If not, I’ll fill you in so you can be in the know about one of Fall 2023’s not-to-miss trends!

What is Quiet Luxury in Fashion?

The trend is often referred to as “stealth wealth,” and you can thank the show Succession for bringing it to the big screen. Luxury brands like Hermes, The Row, Max Mara, and Loro Piana are the quintessential quiet luxe brands. They are known for their master tailoring, craftsmanship, lush fabrics, and a pretty neutral color palette. Think elevated, understated basics in black, ivory, tan, and brown with very little detail or hardware, and definitely no “look at me” logos.

Unfortunately, very few people can afford this type of luxury brand. However, if your personal style or aspirational style is in line with this particular trend, but your capital is not, keep reading.

Quiet Luxury Fashion

Whisper Luxury: Quiet Luxury for Less

There are great contemporary brands that offer this type of “whisper luxury” with good quality fabrics and design without the hefty price tag. They are not mass-market brands, so they can be pricey, but this style is all about quality versus quantity. Brands such as Vince, Theory, Nili Lotan, and Toteme, to name a few, will give you the classic IYKYK look of luxe for less.

Quiet Luxury is not a cyclical “trend” per se, as it will never go out of style. It’s built around classic styling with basic pieces at its core; however, it’s considered a trend this season after the years of athleisure and heavy logo-driven pieces offered by almost every designer.

Quiet Luxury Fashion

Shop Quiet Luxury

I’ve put together a shoppable board with the fundamental pieces to get you started on your quiet luxury journey, and most won’t break the bank.

quiet luxury fashion

If you’d like to explore your personal style this Fall, now is the best time to book your complimentary consult to see how I can help you feel great this Fall, this holiday season, and always.

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