Personal Stylist’s Tips for Packing Like a Pro

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Personal Stylist’s Tips for Packing Like a Pro

Do you think you’re a good packer?

Maybe you are, or maybe you need some more packing tips. Packing is something most of us leave to the last minute. Unfortunately, this leads to disorganization, lack of time, no focus and an overstuffed suitcase, or worse….you forgot your undergarments.

In order to avoid some of these problems, here are some of my favorite packing tips to make sure you show up to your destination ready to go with no need to run to the mall for things you might have forgotten.

how to pack like a pro

Tips for Packing Like a Pro:

1. Do not pack the night before!

Try your best to start packing 2-3 days before. Start to think about your itinerary while you are away, keeping in mind what outfit to bring for every adventure. One of the best ways to be prepared is to make an itinerary and print it out! This will help you know the area and you can plan based on that.

2. Pick a neutral color palette

Pack colors such as white, gray, and black or for the spring and summer try white, beige, and gray. You can always throw in a top or two in a fun color or print to make your outfits pop. Packing neutrals is crucial so you can easily mix and match with the same items and save space instead of packing too many shoes and accessories to match different color schemes.

3. Bring a blazer

I always bring a great blazer on any trip no matter where I am going! They look stylish and work as an added layer for warmth if needed while still looking chic. If you stick to one within your color palette it can be worn with various outfits and elevates your outfit instantly.

4. Travel stain remover is a must-have

If you are packing whites remember to bring a stain stick to-go, as we all know what our whites can look like after a long day.

5. Avoid clothes that need ironing

Try not to travel with clothes that need to be ironed if you can avoid it. It’s just unnecessary trouble that you don’t need while you’re away.

6. Always bring jeans

Travel with at least 1-2 jeans depending on the length of your trip. Ideally you should bring a dark wash as they work with everything and can easily go from day to night with a quick change of top and shoes, saving you tons of time.

7. Don’t use your trip to try new outfits

Pack pieces you wear now, not pieces you’ve never worn and think they might work better for vacation. Traveling is not the time to try out new outfits, colors, etc. We all want to look cute and stylish while traveling, but experimenting with new clothes could create chaos while packing and while on vacation as you most likely won’t like the outfit you thought may be cute. Stick to your go to’s and add something fresh like a cute bag, scarf, or piece of jewelry. Trust me, it will save you lots of time.

8. Don’t bring new shoes

Make sure whatever shoe or sneaker you are bringing as your “walking” shoes are not brand new. It’s never a good idea to break in new shoes on trips where you have to walk around all day. If you really want to bring a new pair of shoes, spend a few days breaking them in BEFORE you leave for vacation.

9. You don’t need too many shoes

Shoes take up a lot of space in your suitcase, and are heavy, so the fewer the better. I recommend packing 2 shoes for the day, one of which you will wear on the plane. And pack 1-2 pairs of shoes for the night, depending on the length of your trip and the amount of walking you will do.

10. Bags are extremely important.

A small soft evening bag and an everyday crossbody are my essentials. Pack one of each in a neutral color that works with each outfit. If your trip is work related, then a great tote that can be used all day for everything is a good item to bring.

11. Go light on the accessories

Bring just a few accessories that work well with all of your outfits. Sometimes playing it safe can make for the best outfits.

12. Pack inside your shoes

Put larger products inside of your shoes or boots to save space and make sure products that can leak are placed in plastic zip-loc bags. You can also use packing cubes if you aren’t very organized. They are great!

13. Wear your heaviest clothing on the plane

Try to wear your heaviest clothing and shoes on the airplane and if traveling to colder climates carry your coat with you on the plane. I always bring a cashmere wrap to use on the airplane as my blanket and then during the trip as an accessory to my outfit.

14. Versatility is key

Pack pieces that work together and can make several different outfits. You’ll save a lot of space by packing pieces that you can wear with multiple things, rather than individual pieces for every single outfit.

how to pack like a pro

What to Wear to the Airport:

If you are from a warm-weather state traveling to a colder climate, dress for your destination! Think lighter weight but warmer fabrics for the plane, carry your coat, and always have a wrap. You’ll thank me at the arrival airport.

If you are traveling from a cold-weather state to a warm-weather state, do not dress for your destination but dress according to your current climate, with slightly lighter fabrics, and layers, which you can remove once you land. I believe in being comfortable but chic on the plane.

I always plan what I will wear on the plane going and coming. It’s usually the same outfit, with layers, coordinating tote, purse, and shoes (sneaks or boots). I don’t really dress up, although I was raised to do that on airplanes way back when:-)

You can look polished with a great knit pant or stretch jeans, a nice knit top layered with a great comfy duster, cardigan sweater, or blazer depending on where you are traveling to. Flat shoes, boots, or cool sneakers are perfect for getting through the airport. It will depend on where you are traveling to and what for.

I love great cashmere knit coordinates for long or overnight travel, and athleisure wear is perfectly acceptable too if where you are traveling has that vibe! (it’s not really the time to wear your regular workout clothes though)

Happy travels, and remember I can pack for you. I’m more than happy to do a free consultation to discuss with you just how easily it can be done. And…it can be done virtually!! Let me help you with planning and packing for your next trip so that you can enjoy how truly simple and stress-free it can be!
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Packing Tips Personal Stylist
Packing Tips Personal Stylist

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