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Get the latest fashion tips from a reputable personal stylist online. Fashion is ever-changing and KR Personal Style loves bringing you the hottest trends to keep your wardrobe functional and fashion forward. If you spent countless time in your closet not knowing what to wear, turn to a personal stylist online for help. Check out our fashion blog for tips, tricks, and advice on fashion and more.

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Spring Dresses

End of spring and beginning of summer is when all of your favorite events start popping up. It's wedding season, graduation, prom, and Mother's Day all around the same time. Having a great little spring dress is essential for all of these events but it's tough to find...

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Top 5 Spring Shoe Trends

I've seen a lot of funky styles this spring...especially when it comes to shoes. The futuristic look is in when it comes to sneakers and active wear and even cowboy boots have made their way back in style. While some looks might be too runway to sport day-to-day, here...

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Spring Wedding Wardrobe Guide

Wedding season is upon us and it's time to start hunting for your perfect dress! There are all sorts of weddings come spring time and with each wedding you will want to sport a distinctive look. Whether the event is black tie or casual, a wedding look should always be...

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Spring Trends II

Last week we talked about some of the trends we've seen making their way into spring 2018 fashion. This week, there's even more to discuss. Again, many of these trends we've seen before so you probably already have items in your closet you can mix and match with to be...

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Spring Trends | KR Personal Style

Now that we've entered a new season, it's time to discuss what styles are in vogue for spring 2018. There are a lot of styles we've seen before but with a twist and lots of ways to mix and match items you already have in your closet. Here are a few top trends that you...

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Valentine’s Day Looks

Whether you're celebrating with your husband, boyfriend, or some of your best friends - Valentine's Day is always the perfect way to spread some love. Everyone's plans differ: some of you might go out for a fancy dinner, some a more relaxed lunch, or you might even...

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“My husband can’t be happier now that it only takes me about 5 minutes to decide what I’m going to wear. Everything in my closet has a purpose; it fits, looks modern, and is conveniently interchangeable. I’m again a happy woman!” – Carla