Special Event Dressing and Occasion Wear

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Hi! If you’ve been following me on social media this week, we’ve talked about Special Event dressing. Invites are coming in for weddings, big birthday celebrations, galas, fundraisers, and parties just because!

Some invitations can be a little quirky and cute, leaving you to ask “what am I supposed to wear?” “What does beach chic mean, do I have to wear a gown for a black-tie wedding, what do I wear to a garden wedding, there are so many events for the wedding weekend, what am I wearing?” I’m not one for conforming to all the said rules made eons ago, so I’m sharing my views and examples of what I believe (as a professional Stylist) to be appropriate, modern, and maybe just more in line with your true personal style.

Special Event Dressing - Formal Black Tie

Formal/Black Tie

Outdated rule: you must wear a gown

My rule: a long or midi dress is absolutely appropriate

If you can find a fabulous, very dressy jumpsuit like the purple one above then go for it! It should be appropriate for the wedding venue location and the season. Consider the family giving the event, and the role if any you may play in the festivities of course. Otherwise wear what you love and feel great in. Make sure the fabric is dressy; think silk, satin, embellishments possibly to create even more drama if you are going with a midi dress. This is not the event for long cotton, linen dresses or summery wedge heels.

Special Event Dressing - Semi Formal

Semi Formal

Same as above and even more appropriate for midi or knee length dresses. You could even wear a fabulous above the knee dress if it’s dressy, and not too short. This is also the perfect time to try separates like a tulle or sequin skirt and dressy top. This is a very modern approach to dressing for this event and I love that it will allow you to pair these pieces back to other things in your closet.

Special Event Dressing - Beach Chic

Beach Chic

Think prints, colors, lightweight fabrics, gowns, midi or short all work here. Nothing too formal, wear fabrics that breathe. Shoes are very important to consider when going to an outdoor event on sand or grass.

Are you attending a beach wedding? Read my blog on beach wedding attire here!

Special Event Dressing - Garden

Garden Wedding or Party

This is usually like a beach chic wedding. Think floral prints, vibrant colors, long and flowy but not formal, midi or short all work here. You could wear a beautiful wide leg jumpsuit or wide leg satin colorful suit if you want to go a bit more modern. Again, you will need to consider the time, temperature, and your shoes☺


Stylist Tips for Special Event Dressing:

Give yourself at least 3-4 weeks before the event to prepare. Most of us don’t love shopping for events, so the more time you give yourself the less stress you will have and the happier you will be leading up to the big day.

Do some research before hitting the stores or the keyboard. What would you like to wear, what styles look best on you, what colors do you like, what is your budget and consider everything you don’t like, and then filter your searches! 

If you are shopping online, order multiple dresses in multiple sizes. You can alter almost anything if you are between sizes. If shopping in person, visit boutiques or stores that offer a variety. You will almost always make a rash decision if you only have 2-3 options. 

Temperature is very important to consider with all outdoor events. Fabrics that breathe if it’s hot, or dresses with long sleeves or a sleeveless that pairs perfectly with a little jacket or wrap if it’s chilly.

Shoes may want to be considered first before you buy that dress for the beach wedding. What are you wearing on your feet? My suggestion for a beach wedding will always be a long or short flowy print or colorful dress with a metallic flat sandal. Midi dresses can look “frumpy” with a flat especially if you aren’t very tall. Bring heels for the reception/party afterwards.

Shoes again. You will be in your shoes for a very long time and hopefully dancing the night away. Do not choose the highest, most uncomfortable shoe just because it looks fabulous. Go as high as you comfortably can and possibly look for a platform if it works with the dress. If you choose a long dress your shoe becomes a little less important, so you can possibly go a bit lower in the heel if you need to. Long dresses though pair perfectly with a platform underneath so consider this style as they are by far the most comfortable! If for some reason you must wear flats (foot injury, ongoing feet issues) then absolutely wear a long dress with a beautiful satin or embellished flat. 

**If you would like shopping links to anything you see here, please reply and I’ll be happy to send them to you.

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