Is 2020 ever going to end? Are you feeling not only emotionally exhausted but sometimes in a state of paralysis on how to move forward and when that is appropriate? Me too.

I have however spent time and money on my home renovations this year, so that’s a big plus. I even turned a guest room into my new office! This change was so cathartic for me and got me to thinking about our intimate spaces, such as our closets, and how we really feel in them. Do love going into your closet and admiring the organization of your prized possessions, or do you instantly feel dread and see chaos? If the latter is true then it’s time to get serious about nurturing yourself and your style. Once you are on the other side of it, you will be the best version of yourself!

If you want to have a closet where you can see everything, know that everything fits and is in perfect condition, with shoes, bags, and accessories organized and ready to wear, then please read on!

These are the fundamentals of a DIY Closet Edit. Most important things to consider are your time, motivation, needs, and goals!

If time is holding you back then segment into smaller time frames, or hire a professional. If motivation is hard then lean into your pain: I have nothing to wear, I avoid going places because I can’t put things together, I’m always late because I don’t know what to wear, I’m so busy and have no time to shop for what I want or need. If your goals are to get dressed easily, stylishly and confidently, then you are in the right place here.

Before you begin, have bags for donations, alterations, consignment, and giveaway’s to family/friends. Put music or your favorite show on, get your favorite beverage and snack, light a candle, and settle in and please do not stress. It will take time but it is meant to save you time in the long run.

1.   Start with drawers as they are usually easier, which helps keep you motivated for your next session.

2.  Choose 1-2 categories depending on your time frame for the session. Do 1 small category and 1 big category. This helps you feel more accomplished at the end of the session.

3.  While going through each category please do the following:

  • Get rid of anything with holes, stains, pills, or pulls! Don’t hang on to your fav tees with holes, just replace them.
  • Discard of any pieces that don’t align with your personal style and lifestyle now! If you are questioning a certain piece put it in the maybe pile.
Most importantly don’t hold on to pieces that don’t fit your body now!
You can save a few pieces that realistically you will get back into, if weight gain has been an issue, but don’t have a closet full of  “I will wear that after I lose these extra 10lbs.”  Even if you do lose the weight, traditionally we like to shop for new pieces for our new bodies. Holding onto these pieces takes up too much closet and mind real estate!
4. Ask yourself, “Do I love this piece? Does it look good on me? If no to both then just get rid of it. If you love the piece but are questioning the fit then take it to a tailor! Everyone should have a great tailor. They can reinvent owned pieces and can also make you shop wiser for new purchases knowing that a quick nip and tuck, or hem, will make all the difference.

5. Make sure to go through lingerie, workout wear, bathing suits and anything seasonal like sweaters and coats. I see this all the time when clients hold onto older coats “just in case” and “who cares” it’s just a coat I barely wear. Anyone who lives in a colder climate will tell you that your coat is as important, if not more so, than your outfit. It is what’s seen first!

6. Go through all bags, shoes, and accessories. Look at condition, size, fit, comfort, and lifestyle! These categories are perfect for consignment if in good condition. There are several apps and sites that take almost all main brands now, so it’s not just a designer game anymore. Better to have the money in your pocket then sitting in your closet for years unworn!

Once the closet is completely finished, these are the benefits you have to look forward to:
* Accomplishment

* Happiness and Joy

* Less Stress

* Invested in getting dressed

* Knowing what’s in your closet

* Knowing what you really need to    shop with intention

* No mistakes or repeats

* Save time and money

* Always have something to wear    for every occasion

* Organized accessories that   enhance outfits, not ruin them

* The list goes on and on……

If you aren’t into DIY projects, I would love to help you get started, or better yet, do the job for you. For the month of October I’m offering a virtual closet starter package for $300 ($50 savings). Click the button below to get more information on how you can start feeling great about your space, and your clothes again! If you already know you need it, or you want to save it for another time but want in on the savings, you can purchase directly here.

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