Fall Closet Organization

by Sep 30, 2016blog

Do you ever walk into your closet and find yourself overwhelmed? Typically grabbing the closest thing you can find or your five revolving outfits you’re already comfortable with? Do you stress out when you need to go to a specific event you don’t have a go-to outfit for? If so, you aren’t alone. Trust me…I see it with many of my clients. Although it is normal, the beginning of fall is the perfect time to make a change!
Before the holiday craziness creeps up on us, be proactive and clean out your closet so you’ll be ready to go with holiday parties in the middle of the madness. See what’s in your closet and really assess what you already have and what you need. Take a look at your belongings and you will begin to notice the habitual shopping for black or white blouses or maybe even those trendy pieces with tags still on them that you’ll never actually wear. Evaluate what your closet says about you and your style and take that perspective to simplify, refresh, and perfect your wardrobe.
It’s almost impossible to remember what you have in your closet unless you do closet clean-outs at least every six months. The more you do it the less time, energy, and stress it will take. Here are a few tips for a quick and effective closet edit you should complete before the holidays:
First thing’s first, depending on your geographical location you may need to separate your spring/summer & fall/winter clothing. This is very important to organize so what you need for the current season is readily available. It is also important to try on clothes for winter and fall that you haven’t worn in a while to make sure everything is in good condition and fits.
Next, make sure to go through each and every drawer and shelf so you don’t miss anything. I often hear people say “Oh that’s just my lingerie drawer” or “Those are just my work out clothes”. These things are just as crucial as everyday wear! Our outfit starts with our undergarments so they need to be in great shape too.
While looking at each piece, channel the Japanese author Marie Kondo and ask “Does it bring you joy?” If you aren’t sure, set it aside and ask again after you are finished with your closet. Sometimes we just need to know what we have, what we need, then get rid of excess pieces we know we’ll never wear. If you know you aren’t excited about a piece then without question donate it; there is no need to take up space for something you won’t wear.
While looking at your items, inspect each piece for flaws or stains; don’t keep anything that isn’t in excellent condition. Please don’t keep those old prom gowns, bridal party gowns, or anything else that looks visibly old…notice I didn’t say “is old” because there is huge difference in looking old and being old. I’m all for vintage pieces that we can bring back but not if they look worn and torn.
When trying on items that you are unsure of the fit, ask yourself if a tailor can possibly fix it. If you think your chances are slim or not worth the cost of altering the item then don’t keep it. If you don’t like the way it looks on you now then you never will. I always tell my clients to only tailor pieces that make sense and are worth the investment.
Just like I mentioned to not forget your undergarment and workout drawers, you cannot forget your shoes, belts, jewelry, scarves, etc. Accessories are just as important as your staple items and often take up the most space.
After going through all of these steps, your closet should be finished but you have just one more thing to do. Make a list of what you need and would like to make your wardrobe come together so that getting dressed is fun and seamless. This is also where a professional can help you asses what is missing in your wardrobe and what you need to be up to date on this season’s styles. Making sure you have the right foundation pieces, the right basics, and just enough fashion to give you a well rounded wardrobe. Like I mentioned, it’s best to get this done before the holidays so you can treat yourself to anything big you find yourself craving for your closet.
Now you should have everything you need and nothing that you don’t to make your closet effortless and exciting to venture through every day!

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