January Closet Makeover

by Jan 11, 2016blog

New Year Means A New You!

January is the perfect time of year to start with a clean slate and get your life organized. What better way to start than with organizing your closet. Your January organization makeover should include everything – and I mean everything: workout gear, lingerie, accessories, shoes…We tend to neglect these sections of our closet amongst the madness but they are the foundations to our wardrobes.


Go through every bra and replace if it is stretched out, no longer looks nice, or is too small or big. This is especially something to consider if you have gained or lost a considerable amount of weight in the last year. You also can’t forget about your underwear! They must fit and be in good condition. Also keep in mind the style of underwear for your outfits; not all underwear is the same. There is nothing worse than panty lines under your fitted pants or workout clothes for that matter.


Workout clothes need to fit and feel good while they are on. Say no to sloppy big tee shirts, holes, or pants that used to fit you 15lbs ago. Trust me, you will be more inspired to workout if you have the right gear that makes you feel fit.


Accessories such as scarves, jewelry, and bags should also be sorted through each year. Jewelry and bags, depending on brands, can have a return on investment long after they were purchased. If you aren’t wearing it, don’t like it, or it’s not your style anymore, put it up for sale and then buy yourself something great with your new found cash.


Shoes should be inspected often. Look for scratches, worn heels, and sole conditions. Polish, toe and heel taps are all easy fixes at a cobbler. Make sure to clean out anything you aren’t wearing and keep those styles that give your outfit a crisp look. Nothing can ruin a great outfit more than a bad shoe!


After going through all the sub-sections of your closet, work on your everyday essentials. These are items that are the core of your wardrobe. They will be used a lot and will need to be inspected on a regular basis. A great white tee, cami’s for layering under blouses, jeans, trousers, dresses and jackets are probably the most important items to a well rounded wardrobe.


Every January, I go thorough every piece in my closet and if I keep it in my closet you will be certain that it fits the way it should. If there are things that you like in your closet but feel they look a little off, take them to the tailor to find your perfect fit. Tailoring is usually worth the investment if it’s a small fix or if you love the piece. It could be as simple as shortening a hem on a pant to show your ankle, tapering a slightly loser leg to really fit your calf, or even making a long or or hi low dress hem into a mini or a long sleeve into a sleeveless or short sleeve. There are endless possibilities if you have the right tailor.


Take your time when cleaning to do it thoroughly and right! Give yourself a weekend, a few nights, or even the month of January so it doesn’t seem like an overwhelming task. Trust me, when you are done and have your life organized for the new year, you will definitely thank me in February!


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