12 Tips on How to Pack Correctly

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Packing is something most of us leave to the last minute, and unfortunately this is where the problem lies: disorganization, lack of time, no focus and an overstuffed suitcase, or worse….you forgot your undergarments. In order to avoid some of these problems, here are some of my favorite packing tips to make sure you show up to your destination ready to go with no need to run to the mall for things you might have forgotten.

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1. Do not pack the night before! Try your best to start packing 2-3 days before and really think about your itinerary while you are away keeping in mind what outfit to bring for every adventure.

2. Pick a neutral color palette with your wardrobe such as as white, gray, and black or for the spring and summer try white, beige, and gray. You can always throw in a top or two in a fun color or print to make your outfits pop. Packing neutrals is crucial so you can easily mix and match with the same items and save space instead of packing too many shoes and accessories to match different color schemes.

3. I always bring a great blazer on any trip no matter where I am going! They look stylish and work as an added layer for warmth if needed while still looking chic. If you stick to one within your color palette it can be worn with various outfits and elevates your outfit instantly.


4. If you are packing whites remember to bring a stain stick to-go, as we all know what our whites can look like after a long day.

5. Try not to travel with clothes that need to be ironed if you can avoid it.

6. Travel with at least 1-2 jeans depending on the length of your trip. Ideally you should bring a dark wash as they work with everything and can easily go from day to night with a quick change of top and shoes, saving you tons of time.

7. Traveling is not the time to try out new outfits, colors, etc. We all want to look cute and stylish while traveling but experimenting with new clothes could create chaos while packing and while on vacation as you most likely won’t like the outfit you thought may be cute. Stick to your go to’s and add something fresh like a cute bag, scarf, or piece of jewelry. Trust me, it will save you lots of time.

8. Make sure whatever shoe or sneaker you are bringing as your “walking” shoes are not brand new. It’s never a good idea to break in new shoes on trips where you have to walk around all day.

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9. Bags are extremely important. A small soft evening bag and an everyday cross body are my essentials. If it’s work related, then a great tote that can be used all day for everything is a good item to bring.

10. Bring just a few accessories that work well with all of your outfits. Sometimes playing it safe can make for the best outfits.

11. Put larger products inside of your shoes or boots to save space and make sure products that can leak are placed in plastic zip-loc bags.

12. Try to wear your heaviest clothing and shoes on the airplane and if traveling to colder climates carry your coat with you on the plane. I always bring a heavier pashmina type wrap to use on the airplane as my blanket and then during the trip as an accessory to my outfit.

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