Personal Stylist’s Guide To Summer Vacation Packing

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One of the most daunting tasks of travel planning is figuring out what to pack. Will the weather be hot or cold? Will you be doing a lot of walking or sightseeing, or mostly just sitting on a beach? And how can you possibly fit everything you need into one suitcase?

As a stylist, I’ve worked with many clients to pack their suitcases for vacation and I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve! Read on for my favorite travel packing tips that will ease the stress of packing while also ensuring that you look great wherever your adventures take you.

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Stylist Tips for Your Summer Vacation Packing

The following packing hacks and ideas will work for a quick and easy way to pack lightly for your summer travels. But before you pull your suitcase out of the closet, I highly recommend that you make an itinerary and print it out! This will help you know the area, weather, and activities that you will be doing so you can plan your outfits based on that.

When you get ready to pack for a trip, start by choosing neutral colors that go well together. Stick to classic styles that can be dressed up or down, and choose fabrics that won’t wrinkle easily. Once you have your basic pieces selected, add a few key accessories to complete your looks. Here are some of my favorite ways to make the most out of each piece you bring.

If you are going on a beach vacation, repurpose your bathing suits

Bathing suits are versatile pieces that can actually be worn in so many different ways. A full piece suit can be repurposed as a top with a skirt or wide leg pants for a chic evening beachside! Or wear it casually during the day with a pair of shorts. Look for bathing suits that are one shoulder, or a simple cutout or ruffled straps. These details make it look more like a bodysuit.

Some bikini tops can look fabulous with high-waisted skirts and linen trousers. Look for bikinis with puffed sleeves, ruffled straps, or shirred/smocked tops. All of these are interesting and can double as little tops rather than looking like bras. You can easily add a great linen button down for a little more coverage.

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Pack an Outfit in your Carry-On!

This tip comes from some first-hand experience… see the Instagram Reel below for my story!

Multi-use clothing is your best friend for traveling light

Day-to-night dresses and rompers work well for daytime coverups, excursions, and evenings out. Sarongs are one of my favorites for summer vacation; they are great for the pool or beach and some can double as a pretty skirt or wrap for the evening chill.

Use your beach tote as a way to carry simple items to help you stay stylish and prepared. Always pack a great beach tote as a way to carry simple items to help you stay stylish and prepared. Inside the tote, keep a simple pouch that can hold sunscreen and lip balm, and double as your evening clutch. Your tote can also work as a carry-on if you’re flying to your destination!

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Flip flops or beach shoes can be worn all the time

Nice beach slides or flip flops can always be worn for casual evenings or day excursions as well.Investing in well-made beach slides or flip flops means you can easily wear them for casual evenings or day excursions also. Shoes take up a lot of your valuable suitcase space, so the fewer you bring, the better!

If you are going on an adventurous vacation or doing walking city tours you should start your packing with shoes. You need to be comfortable. Choose the sneakers and sandals you want to wear and build your outfits from there keeping everything above in mind as you pack!

Be sure to bring a wardrobe that reflects the vibe of your trip. Always consider where you are traveling to, what type of resort you are staying at, what daily activities you’ll be doing, and what types of restaurants you’ll be going to. All of this needs to be taken into consideration before you pack.

what to wear at the airport
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What To Wear While You Travel

If you are from a warm-weather state traveling to a colder climate, dress for your destination! Think lighter weight but warmer fabrics for the plane, carry your coat, and always have a wrap. You’ll thank me at the arrival airport.

If you are traveling from a cold-weather state to a warm-weather state, do not dress for your destination, but dress according to your current climate. Think slightly lighter fabrics and layers which you can remove once you land. I believe in being comfortable but chic on the plane. I always plan what I will wear on the plane going and coming. It’s usually the same outfit, with layers, coordinating tote, purse, and shoes (sneaks or boots). I don’t really dress up, although I was raised to do that on airplanes way back when!

You can look polished with a great knit pant or stretch jeans, a nice knit top layered with a great comfy duster, cardigan sweater, or blazer depending on where you are traveling to.

Flat shoes, boots, or cool sneakers are perfect for getting through the airport. You’ll move through security quicker if they’re easy to slip on and off. Again, shoe choice will depend on where you are traveling to and what for.

I love great cashmere knit coordinates for long or overnight travel, and athleisure wear is perfectly acceptable too if where you are traveling has that vibe! Travel is not really the time to wear your regular workout clothes though.

what kind of packer are you

Other quick packing hacks and tips to remember:

  • Stick to a more neutral color palette then pick 1-2 “pop” color/s to add-in
  • Pack pieces you wear now, not pieces you’ve never worn and think they might work better for vacation
  • Pack pieces that work together and can make several different outfits
  • Pack 1 evening bag that will work for each night
  • Pack 2 shoes for the day (1 of which you will wear on the plane), and 1-2 for the night, depending on the length of trip and amount of walking you will do
  • Use packing cubes if you aren’t very organized. They are great!
  • Consider investing in Global Entry, TSA, or Clear for a much more relaxed experience
  • AND pack an extra outfit in your carry on!!!!

Happy travels!  and remember I can pack for you. I know that it can be difficult to tackle your travel outfit planning and vacation packing on your own. Thankfully, you do not have to! Schedule a complimentary consultation call to discuss how we can work together to take the stress out of packing and make travel packing a breeze. And…it can be done virtually!! Let me help you with planning and packing for your next trip so that you can enjoy how truly simple and stress-free it can be!

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