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They say the better you dress, the better you perform! No matter what environment you work in, there’s no excuse to leave your style at home. Whether it is corporate, creative, or working from home, I’ve got you covered with everything you need to know to make your work wear practical but chic.


There are several ways to make your work attire conservative and professional but stylish all at once. Don’t resort to the basic black pant suit everyone has already seen. Have fun with your pants and blazers to make your style unique to you.


You can also always pair a knee length dress or skirt with a nice blazer or blouse for a more feminine style that still shows your professional side.



In a creative field you have a lot more liberty with what you can wear to work. Whether you’re in marketing, entertainment, advertisement, ect. these fields definitely require you to dress to impress so you don’t fall behind the rest of your co-workers. I’m a fan of the sleek and stylish look with neutral colors or blacks and whites but also don’t be afraid to show some color to make your outfit pop.

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Whether you are working from home or have a laid back boss who doesn’t enforce a strict dress code, a casual work environment calls for the easiest dress options. You definitely should not wear bland outfits if this is the case because you have few restrictions holding your style back. The casual dress is always a fun yet appropriate look for a work environment, just make sure the length is not too short.

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You can also pair a knee length skirt with a sweater or leather jacket for a laid back but sleek style. You can even pair the same skirt you would wear with a blazer with a more casual top and jacket to switch your work mood depending on the occasion.

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