How to Find your Personal Style

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If you’re ready to find your personal style, you’re at the right place. Combining personal style with confidence creates a powerful duo that just can’t be topped.

After a year or more in very casual clothing, ie loungewear (I’m not going to say PJ’S because I hope it wasn’t that bad, lol) do you find yourself in a style rut? Not sure how to enter back out into the real world in your tight denim, or something that requires a belt? Does the thought of trying to find the right dress and shoes make you say no to going out?

If you felt a bit unsure of your style before the year 2020 happened, then you may be at a loss right now.

Or maybe you loved shopping before but have been discouraged with lack of inventory in the stores as of lately – trust me, it’s a thing and it’s a justified feeling.

Let’s not forget that the thought of too many sales to maneuver is happening right now as well and that can easily bring on the feeling of shopping overwhelm and the worry of overspending, too.

These all affect having a cohesive wardrobe. These are real problems that so many women face regularly, and especially now.

If you follow along here with some simple direction, I think you will find your way to the personal style you’ve always wanted. It’s a walk, not a run!

Make certain to check out my 4 pillars that are a MUST for the perfect closet edit! (This will help you look at your current wardrobe in a way that can motivate you for setting up your future wardrobe.)

How to Find Your Personal Style

Before diving into your style, there are two questions that you need to answer.

What does your style say about you right now?

To answer this fashion question, you can use adjectives easily to describe how you feel. Go ahead and write them down so that they don’t drift out of your mind.

Adjective examples: modern, bohemian, casual chic, edgy, glamorous, minimal, feminine, classic, etc

What do you want your style to say about you?

Use your list of adjectives to help you look at your current closet and get an understanding of what you’re wanting and needing to feel stylish while also finding your confidence.

Easy Tips To Apply Your Personal Style Easily To Your Everyday Life

After you’ve answered the questions above, it’s time to do a bit of homework as well. Pinterest is a great place to get style inspiration and to create style boards so if you don’t have a Pinterest account, create one.

Once you have an account, check out styles that you look at and save them or find celebrity styles that you are hoping to mimic as well. This will help you create a style vision board that you can easily revert back to at any point in time. Or you can simply do old school and tear out magazine pages and create a folder:)

At this point, you can really dive in and start to do your intentional closet cleanse. This means that you can take your time, break it down into a time frame that works for you, and create the closet of your dreams.

Tips for Cleaning Out Your Closet

Refer to my closet edit post for the full details but a few fast tips to get your motivated are listed below.

  • Don’t hold onto anything that you don’t love
  • Don’t keep pieces of clothing because of the price tag
  • Don’t keep a closet full of sentimental pieces that you never actually wear
  • Let go of anything that doesn’t fit your style vision now
  • Let go of anything that does not fit

Apply your style word adjectives and fashion hope when you’re editing your closet. Once you do that, you can then look at the pieces and decide if they truly work for your body shape, lifestyle, and budget.

All of these play a crucial role in creating your personal style, so remember …it’s a walk, not a run!

I also have a Master Class coming out very soon on How To Dress For Your Body Shape, so be on the lookout. I’m very excited to share it with you☺

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